Replacing Contrtol Board on Trane XL80


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Replacing Contrtol Board on Trane XL80

My ancient furnace was acting up, so the service guy came, and on the second visit, the furnace misbehaved for him too and he determined that I needed a new control board.
I had no reason to dispute his diagnosis, but when he quoted $750 I thought I'd see if I could do the replacement myself.
Watching a few UTubes, it looked very doable, so I ordered the White Rogers Kit17858, which all sources say is the correct replacement.
I've exchanged all the wires and plugs with no problem, being careful to match the connections. All was well until I came to the Neutral series. On the original, "LINE" attached to #22 receptor. On the replacement there is no #22! The generic wiring diagram that came with the new board is not specific in this regard, but clearly the neutral posts are purpose-specific. Should I ignore the numbering and follow the labels? That would be easy to do, but why don't the numbers correspond in only this section of the board?

Any guidance your can give me? Have I made the situation clear?

Many thanks
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It's hard to keep up with those replacement kits. Typically there is a silkscreened area on the board labeled "neutrals". They are all the same. There is no specific/assigned terminal. In the pic, which should be your board, all five neutrals are common to each other. If this isn't your board.... post a pic of yours..... How-to-insert-pictures.

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That's my pic, so I'm good to go. Funny that the generic wiring diagram seemed to show
Certain posts for certain destinations, but that's my poor schematic reading, I guess.
Thank you - you helped me save 500 bucks!

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