Trane XL 80 no ignition


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Trane XL 80 no ignition

With encouragement from this forum, I successfully replaced the control board. Of course it is not perfect, since without rewiring the only way it would fit was upside down!
So at first the furnace worked well, but recently it has not responded to a call for heat. Today I got back into it and this is what happened.
At first try, the burners lit but after a few minutes shut down. Since then matters have worsened.
On second try, I got a 2 red LED signal in between the ignition attempts.
Now, after totally cooled down, turning the thermostat to on causes the igniter to glow but no flame follows.
Eventually after four tries the LED blinks red 7 times, meaning a lock-out. I can clear that with a 5 second unplug.
It appears that no gas is flowing. Other gas appliance in home is fine.
I did pull the flame sensor and it was barely dirty. Also pulled the nozzle in front of the sensor but it was clean.
The 2 red flash signal is supposed to mean a stuck pressure switch, I presume the first stage switch. How do I check that? Or could it be a venting issue?
Thanks for your help
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I left it with the 7 red blinks blinking and the thermostat left to call for heat. Returned an hour later and the house was hot, and the furnace running properly. Maybe it fixed itself!? I'll give it another try in an hour or so.

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