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I have been informed that my YORK heat pump has a leak. It leaks feon. Can somebody tell me how I would find the leak? Depending on where the leak was what should I expect the cost to be to fix. The system is nearly 8 years old, should I buy another unit?

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Modern wonders

the leak detectors used today can locate the leak and a good TECH can repair it.Once the leak is located and repaired your York unit should give you good service for at least another 8 years.You DO NOT to buy another unit.PDF
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Thanks PDF.

The service person said the cost to fix leaks in heat pumps varies significantly. He said that if there is a leak in the coil its proberly better to replace the unit rather than replace the coil, but if the leak is in a coupling then repair rather than replace. Does this make sense or am I just being settup for this company to sell me a new unit?

One company quoted the cost to search for the leak at $249. All the other companies would not give me a fix price, rather they quoted a service call fee (about $70) plus an open-ended chare of about $25 per 15 minutes. These prices seem high to me. Are they? The repair costs are in addition.

My understanding is that a new outside unit (with the fan) is about $1800 and a new inside unit is about the same price. Are these prices reasonable? The pump heats/cools an area of approx. 1900 sq ft. ( the upstairs zone of a 2-zone house).

Thanks again.
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An 8yo York unit is still a puppy

Even if it costs you 500$ to find and repair leak you are still 3100$ ahead.Us here in Maine have heard about high service rates.Our service rate was a flat 48$ an hour.Which means at time and a half(overtime) our rate was only 72$..We have recently raised our rates to to 55$ an hour.
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