Coleman Model 3832 Furnace Blower Motor

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Coleman Model 3832 Furnace Blower Motor

My old Coleman furnace model 3832 is from the mid 1960s. It is in a 900 sq ft mobile home of the same vintage. The other morning when the furnace called for the blower motor to come on, it just shot out orange sparks and smoke and it was done. I called a tech who had a look and after checking around, could not find an exact replacement. He ordered another motor but the fan shaft was the wrong size. His solution was to sell me a new furnace.
I decided that I would search around to find a replacement motor myself but the problem is he took the old motor with him. Consequently I don't have the specs I need to find the proper replacement. Also, the label that contains the wiring diagram for the furnace is missing. Looks like the glue dried up and the label just fell off.
Does anyone have a Coleman 3832 furnace and if so can you provide me with the specs from the motor you have installed and also a picture of the wiring diagram? I emailed Coleman but they only had a diagram depicting the furnace parts.
The furnace works great otherwise.

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Welcome to the forums.

That is OLD for a gas furnace. Be sure to have the heat exchanger checked for rust thru.
You don't want to be using a furnace that is discharging CO into the inside air.

Unfortunately I can't find any helpful information for you.
With the old motor you had a fighting chance.
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Is this a packaged unit outside or is the furnace located inside?
Either way the heat exchanger needs to be checked before any parts are replaced. There’s a very high chance that the heat exchanger is rotten or cracked. If so, the furnace is dead and unusable.
If not you may be able to find something on what motor is supposed to go in it. Maybe call the guy back and get your motor back?
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I would call the service company and tell them to return the old motor. It is yours, not theirs. Also, since this furnace is as old as it is, how did the motor mount in or on the blower? Was it a direct drive or belt drive? Did they leave the motor mounting bracket? A picture of the blower where the motor mounted would help identify the old motor. What info does the name plate provide? .If it a direct drive it is probably a 1/4 HP, PSC, single or multi speed motor Frame 48YZ but that is just a guess. As @Roughneck said, I would check that furnace very closely to make sure that the heat exchanger is not cracked or rusted out since it is as old as it is.
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Google search
When you get the sight click on IMAGES and parts will come up.

Maybe this will help, just a shot.

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I searched and I'm a good searcher. I can usually find old models on service sites.
I found an occasional mention of a problem but no helpful part info.

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