Hole in furnace closet


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Hole in furnace closet

Our house is a new construction. It is one floor with no basement. In the closet that houses the furnace, there is a hole in the floor, open and uncovered. The hole has a pvc pipe that leads down into the crawl space underneath the house and connects to the pipe that drains away the water from the sinks and appliances. Sometimes when I do dishes or laundry, there is a smell of something wet and decomposing (not death, just something like composting) that comes from the closet, that pipe specifically, and permeates through that part of the house for about an hour or two.

My questions are:
What is the purpose of this hole in the floor?
Should this hole/pipe be left open and uncovered?
Can I put a cap on it?

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Without a picture, we can only guess. My guess is it is a condensate drain for the A/C and furnace. Check to see if there is a trap in the pipe, and if there is, you might need to put some water down it.

I would not recommend caping it.
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I doubt the drain is terminated correctly



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Definitely going to need a picture........ How-to-insert-pictures.

The condensate shouldn't be causing any problem. It sounds like you have a tap or hole in a septic/sewer line and that's what you are smelling. Not sure what you'd be capping. The hole in the floor sound like an access to a crawlspace under the house. Is it just dirt down below ? That should be covered.
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Yes I also thinks it needs more info.
I am assuming that you are not on city water, correct?
That sinks, clothes washer, shower etc. (grey water) all drain into this pit nd then drain out through another another pipe into a grey water pit/field , correct?
The toilets have a separate drain system that goes into a holding tank or septic field, correct?
The pit is made of concrete, correct?
Plus any other info that you think would help as well as the requested pictures.

I have never seen anything like this in a home.
Have no idea how it would fit in the building code but I am sure others on this forum will have more knowledge.
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