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Can you help me figure out how to shut off this old gas wall heater? Thank you!

Can you help me figure out how to shut off this old gas wall heater? Thank you!

Old 06-03-20, 10:17 AM
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Can you help me figure out how to shut off this old gas wall heater? Thank you!

Hey. It's summer here, and though my thermostat is off, heat is coming out of this heater constantly and causing some heat in the the apartment; it's really frustrating. I wanted to turn the gas and pilot light off (would this stop it from producing heat?), but I'm uncertain how. For context: The heater hangs on the wall, and has two little vented doors - one on top where heat comes out, and one on bottom where there is the pilot light and valves. I took the bottom vented door off, and found two valves: a big red ball valve in the front, and a tiny little valve (I think) off to the bottom, but I am weary to turn anything without knowing which is the correct one to adjust.

Here is the image of what it looks like in that bottom vented door.

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I circled three things in this image: (1) (top most circle) The area where you can see the pilot light lit (2) The red ball valve which is apparent (3) (circled on bottom right) another little valve I spotted.

I am uncertain which of these valves should be shut off. Is the red ball valve sufficient, or does the other one (the little one circled in the bottom right) need to be touched? If that small valve needs to be adjusted, how do I turn it? (which direction and by how much?) As for the red ball valve, it's my understanding that I can turn it 90 degrees in either direction, just so long as it's perpendicular to the gas line. Is that correct?


My other main concern was, once this is shut off, is it simple to re-light again? I'm uncertain what process I'd do for that. I looked online for tutorials but everything seems to be newer, showing knobs that you press down and say 'pilot'. I see no such knob here unfortunately, so I assume the process is different.

Any help is appreciated. (P.S., it might take me a little while to check back so I apologize for any delay in responding to anyones kind help, I will surely check this.)

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Old 06-03-20, 10:30 AM
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The red valve knob is the main gas shutoff. When it is turned as it is in the picture so that it aligns with the direction of the pipe, then the gas is on. If you turn it (probably just 90 degrees), it will turn off all the gas to the heater. To re-light the furnace after it was turned off, you turn the red valve back in line with the pipe. Now light the pilot. Do not leave the valve on unless the pilot light is lit as gas will continue to flow from the pilot light. If the gas was on but the pilot was not lit, turn off the gas and wait for the un-burned gas to dissipate before starting again.

- Peter
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Old 06-03-20, 10:32 AM
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Peter, you are a life saver, I am going to try this out!
Old 06-03-20, 10:36 AM
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It's off! Oh man oh man, THANK YOU!

One quick question - when re-lighting this in the fall, are there any additional precautions other than the one you mentioned (about not having the gas on without the pilot lit)? For example, if I wanted to immediately re-light this after switching it off, would it be safe to do so, or would I need to wait a certain amount of time before switching this back on and re-lighting it? Any other thing to be aware of other than what you mentioned in your initial post?

I can't thank you enough for helping me with that! This had a noticeable effect in the room. P.S. I will be away from the internet for awhile so I want to thank you in advance for any reply you might give, if any. If you don't see my thanks sooner that is why! And no need to reply if you don't want to or cant, you helped so much already!!

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Old 06-10-20, 07:34 AM
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Hi, Who is the mfg. of that unit? There must be a gas valve there some place, how do you control the space temperature? It seems that the valve may be to the lower left of that ball valve, clean that whole area up and see if there is any info on that, looks like 2 wires going to it. Seems like a lot going on in that small space.
Old 06-10-20, 09:12 AM
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Labeled some parts. That's a millivolt type valve. Should have a remote thermostat. Yes.... that unit is a mess and could use a good cleaning. I also see lots of rust so the heat exchanger should be visibly checked for rust thru.

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I don't think there is any pilot safety there. I see a thermocouple on the gas valve.

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