Doing away with Carrier/parkerzone?

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david ahluwalia
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Hi,I have a Carrier heat pump w/parker electronics zone control.I,m getting no air flow upstairs.The blower comes off and on ,5 minutes at a time.I had a local Company come and look at it.They told me that there was no air flow at any of the registers.He spent no time trying to figure out why.He just told me that the Parker zones were only used in comersal applications,and it was crazy to be in a home.It was discovered that the unit in question only services the upstairs and part of one family room directly under the bed rooms.I have another older unit that does the rest of the main level.His sujestions were to either take a comercial dignostic time with a open check book because he had not a clue to how long it could take.Or rip it out and put in a standard T-stats ect.Now I don,t nessasarly mind COVERTING it over,but is this guy saying this because he is not skilled in this area.Or is it the best fix?And is this ahuge deal to do?Should I expect heavy causalties? Is it somthing I may be able to do? I do usally do my own work. PS.I,m just saying if you bring your Toyota to me for repairs I better have a good reason for sujesting that you replace the engine w/ a Diamler Chrysler engine, because I,m more familar with them. Ha. Ha. Thanks
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lynn comstock
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What to do?

My best suggestion is to try to find the original installer of the system and start there. It should be a Carrier dealer. Explain on the front end what you have (now that you know). They should be able to diagnose and deal with the problems.

I have no experience with Parker zoning and am in no position to help technically. Sorry.
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hi mr Ahluvalia,
parker systems are pretty good when they work right. it one of the first zoning systems by carrier. the point, thats its commercial and should not be used in or on any reasidential systme is baseless. it all depends on application. go to carrier website at and look for a carrier dealer. if its not fixable it definitely is upgradeable. carrier has modified its zoning system couple of times in past five years. the latest one" comfort zone 2" is pretty good. There must be reason why that zoning system is there. so be a little cautious if you decide to take that system out.
good luck!
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i would look at the bye pass damper the early parker used a barometric damper.there should be a duct that goes between supply air and return air that damper may be in open posistion .this devise is used to matain duct pressuer.try closing manualy the old style has a arm with weight on arm turn all zones on at tstats with a call for heat all dampers will open adjust bye pass damper to closed postion note that damper needs to be level start closing zone damper change set point at t stats by pass should start to open to maintain duct pressure good luck
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I recommend that you strongly consider removing the Carrier VVT zone control system and installing a standard zone control system.

You can try contacting Carrier and having them recommend recommend a VVT Tech but I have recommended this to homeowners here and this only bought them a few more years before they decided to replace it.
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