How to Light a Pilot Light

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How to Light a Pilot Light

Can you please tell us how to relight the pilot light? A breeze must have blown it out.
Steiger & Kerr Stove & Foundry Co.

The switch is presently on "Off", which is next to the red-marked indicator on the left. The dial moves freely to position "On" and "Pilot" next to the red-marked indicator, but must be depressed to position "Off" next to the red-marked indicator.

Plate had been painted over, but is partially uncovered.

Access to the pilot light.
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main gas valve on (yellow knob parallel to the gas line as it's shown in your photo)
rotate black dial to "pilot" position
use barbecue lighter holding flame over pilot inside the stove
depress the black dial and hold it in
when pilot lights keep pressing black dial for about 30+ seconds
release black knob
if pilot stays lit rotate black knob to "on" position

If the pilot does not stay lit try holding the black dial in longer.
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Don't know if yours is the same, but in most cases you turn the dial to PILOT. Press and hold down while lighting the pilot. It may take up to two minutes if air is in the lines. Once pilot is lite, continue to hold for about 15 to 30 seconds. Let go and if pilot stays lite, turn knob to on. Set temperature and you all set.
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If you are unsure of yourself, then try and familiarize yourself of getting the knob to the ON position before lighting the pilot light. Then turn it back to PILOT and get out your lighter or match. Do not force anything at any time.

For a few makes and models you depress the knob before turning it from OFF to PILOT.
For a few makes and models you keep the knob depressed when the time comes to turn it from PILOT to ON.
Unpredictably you might have to hold the knob depressed in the pilot position for a very long time. The suggestion has been made in the past to call a professional if the pilot won't stay lit during the lighting process. There are a few cases where the gas line has to be bled, in a manner that requires unhooking it from the heater.
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Welcome to the forums.

Can you please tell us how to relight the pilot light? A breeze must have blown it out.
Very doubtful. Try relighting it but I'm pretty sure you'll find it won't stay lit.
Due to the age it's very likely you will need to change the thermopile.

If you can't get it to stay lit..... let us know.
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If the pilot does not stay lit you will probably need a new thermocouple. That said, the thermocouple is probably a thermopile sometimes called a pilot generator since the connection at the gas valve has that steel wrapped covering on it. Let us know what you find.

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