Replacing hot surface ignitor and flame sensor on Amana furnace

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Replacing hot surface ignitor and flame sensor on Amana furnace

Amana AMH8 furnace, about 3 years old, and when I had the yearly cleaning done this year they suggested to get the hot surface ignitor and flame sensor replaced, but the estimate was about $555 (attached).

I'd like to do it myself, so a

ny suggestions on where to find step by step instructions to do this?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Why, what’s wrong with the current parts?
The flame sensor is nothing but an inanimate object. It’s a metal rod with porcelain. It can be cleaned.
The igniter shouldn’t need replaced unless it’s cracked or otherwise damaged.
Be careful with seasonal PMs, especially with companies your not familiar with. Many times they will use PMs as a sales tactic.
Shouldn’t a 3 year old furnace still have a warranty?
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I would not replace parts just for the sake of it. Both items you mentioned are pretty reliable. The ignitor on my furnace lasted 18 years and I've never had to replace the flame sensor.

If you are concerned you can order the replacement parts just so you have them on hand. That way you can replace them if they ever die (since things often die on holiday weekends when you can't get a service person for days). Replacing them is very simple and is just a matter of duplicating what is there already.
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The flame sensor will probably last the life of the furnace.

If you wanted to stock a part the ignitor will fail before the flame sensor. Probably only last 12 to 20 years.

I usually only use a 5/16 nut driver to remove the panels and a 1/4 inch nut driver to remove the flame sensor to clean it.

Some companies only pay their techs commission on sales.
Sounds crooked to me. I would probably use a different company for service in the future.
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R&R of both the HSI and flame sensor are totally DIY-friendly projects. As others have said it sounds like the hvac company is trying to upsell you.

You may want to acquire a HSI and keep it in your inventory because they can fail. If the flame sensor causes trouble it's often because the sensor tip has oxidized: remove it with steel wool and you should be good to go.

I read you should handle these parts while wearing nitrile gloves to prevent transfer of skin oils.

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