Inducer motor needs a 'boost'?

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Inducer motor needs a 'boost'?

Bryant 355AAV042080FBSA has run flawlessly since install in 2009 -- Now it won't (typically) start after a call for heat. Error code 42 (Inducer motor fault). If I turn off the call for heat at the Thermostat, then turn it back on, then immediately (before the error code appears) manually pinch the exposed end of the inducer shaft and give it spin, it starts up and runs fine.

With power off, if I manually pinch the inducer motor shaft and rotate it back and forth, it makes a rather nasty high pitched squeaking sound -- *but* it does turns easily and smoothly, and having experience with various ball bearing failures I'm almost certain that's not it. The squeaking sounds more like plastic-on-plastic. Running at full speed the squeak is non-existent and it sounds fine.

Perhaps importantly, the initial failure occurred after a tremendous rainstorm. The first time I did my "manual spin boost" technique, when the inducer started up there was a 'gurgling' coming from inducer blower housing. I noticed there was kink in the hose running from the inducer housing to the condensate trap, so I fixed that and let the water drain -- no more gurgling. This did *not* however fix the problem as described above (i.e. I still need to give it a manual boost). I did not do any further inspection of the condensate trap or the lines running to/from it.

The inducer motor assembly part alone is about $1000 (ECM motor), so I really want to be sure that's what I need to replace before I start down that path. The Bryant troubleshooting guide also suggests checking the pressure switch assembly -- but I'm skeptical and don't have the proper equipment to check it.

Any chance it might be something *other* than the inducer motor assembly?
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I thought that was a two speed motor.... not an ECM. Still big bucks.
At one time the motor was available for replacement.
Now you need to purchase the entire inducer assembly.
The pressure switch has no bearing with the motor start up.

OEM: 340793-762

I'd imagine if there was water still in the inducer you'd hear it sloshing around.
There is quite an extensive condensate drain system on those furnaces.
Squealing usually indicates inner bearing has a problem.
It may have been exposed to water and rusted.
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Thanks. Definitely an ECM (based on the "ECM motor" on the label). I do think I got all the water out. Thanks for the OEM assembly I just have to find the part, as 10+ places show it on backorder until mid-January. Brrr...

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