Chimney Liner Size


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I want to install a aluminum flexable chimney liner to my gas furnace and gas water heater. The furnace is 100,000 BTU. The furnace has a four inch vent coming from it and the water heater has a three vent coming from it. From the basement wall inlet to the top of the chimney is about 23 feet. Does anyone know big of a diameter chimney liner I need and can the furnace and water heater be joined together using a coupling before leading into the wall and up the liner? I need to do this because my chimney bricks are being destroyed. I plan to replace all damaged bricks and mortar before installing the liner. Thanks in advance.
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There are a lot

of variables.First,you can use a tee to run the flues into.Lower consumption device(water heater) should be the lower connection.100,000 for furnace,,,30,000 btu's for HWH.A 7" vent or flue is rated for max of 183,000 btu's for a 30 foot rise.This is for a single wall lining.Before you DO ANYTHING contact your code enforcement officer.You can also visit or your local codes are the ones to follow.No matter what anybody says or does he has the FINAL WORD.PDF
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Chimney Liner Size

I found a chart on the web which takes into consideration duct length from furnace and HWH as well as chimney height and maximum BTU for both the furnace and HWH. The maximum for a six inch liner would be 173,000 BTU using the variables according to my situation which is four feet of duct from the furnace into the chimney, a 20 foot high chimney and 134,000 BTU combined. Taking into consideration one 90 degree angle on both appliances, which I understand takes away from the maximum 173,000 BTU by 10%, a six inch liner would fit my situation. Am I right?

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