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Hello to every one. This is my first post so I hope that you will bear with me.

I have a York Diamond 80 heating & a/c unit in my home. It has been leaking water for sometime now. I cleaned out the pvc pipe that comes out of the side of it and I also removed the cover plate that allows you to see the coils and a portion of the condensation pan. When I removed this cover I noticed that the pan had a lot of rust in the bottom of it and assumed that some of the rust had clogged the pvc pipe which caused the water to over flow out of the pan and onto the floor. I would like to remove the pan and clean it completely out and then put it back, but just by looking at the way that it is positioned I can't figure out how to remove it without taking the whole a/c unit apart. Please help!!!!

Thanks in advance.

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Condensate leaks

Rusting in the pan may have nothing to do with your problem. Removing the pan safely probably requires the recovery of the refrigerant in the system. The refrigerant piping is fragile and under 100 to 200 pounds per square inch of pressure when the system is off.

Condensate lines must be constructed properly or a variety of problems occur. The equipment installation instructions are helpful. All codes forbid a direct hookup to a sewer system. Never reduce the pipe size from the drain fitting size of the condensate pan. They should have no flat (no slope) sections. The minimum slope is 1\4 inch per foot DOWNHILL.

Many coils and condensate pans are under negative air pressure. There needs to be a way to prevent air being drawn into the drainpipe. The P-trap is the industry standard solution. However there are MANY ways to screw it up.

I looked for some web info to explain some of the less obvious pitfalls. The best I found was at


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