Outside unit won't turn on


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I hope you can help. A repair man came out a few days ago and put a new blower motor in because one of my mounting brackets broke. A few days before the bracket broke I noticed the house was getting hot and realized the outside unit wasn't running. After checking the thermostat and turning the circuit breaker on and off the outside unit came on. The repair man said that the fan blower was probably not blowing enough air over the coils and it triggered the safety switch. Well, the unit did it again this weekend. It finally turned on after I messed with the circuit breaker. I have a 5 ton unit that's about 5 years old. The repair man checked the freon and said it was excellent and when the unit is running it cools the house right off. It is on a delsy switch. Also, when I was trying to get it to come back on by switching the circuit breaker on and off and then turning on the thermostat. The inside blower came on and then about a minute later my lights dimmed out and the power flashed off a quick second, but the unit didn't come on. What do you think is going on? Please help!
I got home and found what I hope is my model # CPE60-1GB. It is a 5 ton unit. I'm not sure what brand, it said Goodman Manufacturing Company on the label on the outside unit which was out of Houston, Texas. I know the motor that ran the blower was made by GE. Also, the label on the inside unit said it was manufactured in 1993 thru 1995, so I'd guess this unit is only about 6 years old. I hope this information helps whoever may be able to answer my question.

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sounds like an electrical backfeeding problem, mybe. But it could be darn near anything, which , i suppose, is why there were no followup posts here. there is the possibility... oh, nevermind. there are many possibilties. It would require much more info... the particular brand names is not important. ... you said the "blower motor" was replaced?-- a "blower" is in the inside---- do you mean the outside fan motor? ...... and if so, than it's easier to fix, and must be some other electrical trouble--- breaker trouble, (what's a "delsy switch?") delay switch short-out, contactor, just burned wires,,,, could be many things...

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