Air Filters for Condo Ventilation System


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Hi All,
I am involved on the Board for a new condominium complex.

We have a ventilation system that uses six 20 x 25 x 2 pleated air filters and feel we need to change these every 2 months. The ventilation blow air into the halls in 4 levels. Unfortunately I don't know the flow rate.

This is quite expensive over time so I was wondering if there are any electrostatic air filters made for commercial systems. I was at the local Home Depot and the rep said there is no problems using a residential 20 x 25 x 1 although we may have to clean it more often. He also said we could double up.

Just wondering if this is a good idea to double up or are there companies putting out commercial electrostatic air filters in our size.
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lynn comstock
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) Stick with a quality commercial pleated filter. The filters primary job is to protect the equipment from dirt. Replace them frequently and you will save more money on power and repairs than you will spend on the filters. Dirt is the number one cause of compressor failures and a dirty coil can often increase power consumption 50 to 100%.

2. If you must go to electrostatic, DON'T double up. The extra friction will reduce airflow, increase power use and the likelihood of compressor damage as the filter gets dirty.

3) The pleated filter is typically a 30% filter. The electrostatic is a 10 to 20% filter. A good electronic air cleaner is an 85 5o 90% filter. <This percentage is the portion of dirt particles by number trapped in the filter as the air passes through. >

4) If you choose to spend even more and upgrade to an electronic air cleaner you will even get health benefits in the form of CLEAN air. The disgusting stuff in the filters comes from the air that you breathe. Would you drink water that foul? Each day an adult drinks about 3 pounds of water and eats 3 pounds of food and breathes about 30 pounds of air. No wonder to me that clean air can be healthier than what we get normally.

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