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I recently had a brand new oil furnace installed and have had no problems. What I'd like to do is prevent any, and maintain my new furnace properly. I regularly change the air filter and have the furnace cleaned occasionally. My question is in regards to the chimney.
When my original furnace "kicked the bucket", I was not there. But I was told that a black soot had blown through the vents throughout the house. I have a chimney at the top of my house with a turbine atop it. There are remnants of a black substance coming from it and the turbine no longer spins.
Do I need to have the chimney cleaned and replace the turbine or what? Hiring a proffessional is really not in my budget right now and I'd like to do as much as possible myself. Thanks to anyone who can offer me some advice.
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Hello project_eliminator

I am not going to say that a turbine on a chimney is not to code nor correct for your area or furnace application. However, this information may be obtained at the building and safety department in your city or town.

Just because there is a new furnace there, doesn't insure it was correctly installed. Nor that the venting system is functioning correctly. A call to the gas supplier or gas utility company may also help to know the correct venting system and if the current one is functioning correctly.

If the turbine isn't turning it may not be effecting anything. However, it may be. You can remove it and install a regular fireplace hood or spark arrestor in it's place.

The turbine may have been installed by the prior homeowner to prevent rain from entering the chimney and not to provide for a better updrafting system.

Regards & Good Luck
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