Noisy Hot Water Furnace


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My gas-fired hot water baseboard furnace is a Weil-McClain pilot-fired model, about 25 years old. It works fine, heats well and efficiently. However, for the last 5 years or so, it has started to make fairly loud thumping and pinging sounds each time it fires up. This lasts for about aminute, and then stops. It's not air in the lines; I've bled them clear many times. I've flushed the boiler out with cleaner, and replaced the water with clean soft water, thinking that minerals in the water might be causing the problem. But nothing seems to work, even lowering the boiler temperature to 180 degrees. The pressure level is well within normal working range. Actually, it's more of an annoyance/mystery than anything, but does anyone have any guesses as to what the problem is, and how I might fix it?

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motor and pump

the coupler is apparently making the noise. the same thing is happening to my gas furnace as well.

I have done as you have and drained any air. cleaned it out.. changed waters.. i have done it all. excpet to mess with the motor.. when i move in close i can really hear the noise coming from it.. let me know what yiou all think is going on.



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