I think I cracked the boiler...

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I have a steam heat gas boiler, heating up old radiators in my house. I try to remember to empty out some water at the boiler occasionally, to get sediment out. I had been noticing that the automatic water-level feeder didn't seem to kick in after I bled it some, so I was manually adding water.

Well, I didn't call a service person in, and tonight, I noticed a buring smell, and realized that there was no water left in the boiler, but the fire was going. Not thinking, I manually added water to the system, and pop-- it started making noises, and soon water was dripping from the bottom of the boiler.

I'm guessing that what I did was crack the boiler. From what I can tell, it is 10 years old. My question is, is there a way to repair things like this, or do I have to replace the entire boiler?

If I do have to replace the boiler, any suggestions on brands/types? I'll have to do this quick. Thanks for any advice.
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Turn power off(if not already).Remove all panels.You may have to cut some away with sheet metal snips because of the piping.CHECK and see where it is leaking.IT MAY be from a flange or gasket towards the top and dripping down.With boiler off,turn water on and look around.PDF

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