220V Garage Heater efficiency.


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Performin Norman
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220V Garage Heater efficiency.

My buddy gave me a 220 volt heater that he had in his garage. I just got around to rewiring it and operating it. I was wondering if this sounds correct. The temperature in the garage is 40 degrees F, I checked the outlet temperature and it read 105 degrees F. Does this sound feasible? That is a 65 degree variance.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Talking Logical Assumptions and Possible Results

Hello Norman

Assuming that the electrical heater is in fact operating as designed, intended and to it's highest capabilities, the output measured readings could be correct.

However, there are several variables to consider.

The output temperature readings are relevent to the input temperature readings. Output temperatures are also relevent and based upon the speed of the fan. Air density, humidity and moisture content are variables to factor in also.

Other factors aside, what has to be considered to determine efficiency, is the size of the area to be heated, the amount of temperature rise, the time frame desired and the BTU rating of the unit.

If the heating unit is allowed enough time to heat the space to a temperature that is desireable and comfortable for the purpose of it's useage, it's efficient.

If you can afford the costs of energy used and the heater was obtained FREE, it's absolutely highly efficient enough....

And there you have it...."My Entire Two Cents Worth."

To those who know me or know of me and or read my replies in this forum, know I always have "MY TWO CENTS WORTH" to toss into the mix, especially in other moderators forums..........

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Performin Norman
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Thanks for the great response. I tried to find the information label on the heater but it is no longer there. You are right, anything free is great. I left the heater on for 1 hour and it raised the temps in the garage from 40 degrees to 46 degrees. I do not plan to leave it on all the time. Just want to have it just in case I get rambunctious enough to work on a car. My garage is way too big for this heater but it seems to do pretty good considering the garage doors are single layer metal (I know, I need to insulate them) and the garage is over 1200 feet with an average ceiling height of 12 feet. I just needed something to take the chill out of the garage when I get that crazy feeling to work on a car when it is 10 degrees outside. hahahaa I will just kick it on for a couple of hours before I get out there and work.

Thanks again for your help. I do appreciate it.

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