Heater won't turn on automatically


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Heater won't turn on automatically

I have a Snyder-General heat exchanger (model GUD100AO20AIM) which was manufactured in July of 1988. It works fine, but sometimes it will not turn on automatically when the temperature drops below the thermostat setting. However, If I change the settings by pushing the buttons on the digital thermostat, or turn the heat switch on the thrermostat off and then on again, the unit will start. What seems to happen is the heater runs until it gets the room temperature up to the desired setting, it shuts off, as it should. But when the temperature drops, and the heater should start up again, it often won't. Is there some kind of sensor that should be turning on the heater? Any ideas for troubleshooting? Thank you. 02/08/02 I was not able to resolve the issue, and today the heater won't turn on at all. The ignitor turns on and cylces, but no gas is turned on. Any ideas that I might try myself. Thanks.

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you wouldn't by chance have a LUX brand digital thermostat would you? If you know the model of the thermostat please tell us. problem sounds like the relays inside the stat are not energizing, check wiring connections at thermostat, check connections from thermostat to the sub base, Batteries (if any) and check stat wiring at the terminal strip in the blower compartment. I am very familliar with these furnaces, and if the thermostat is a LUX brand T-stat, I suggest getting rid of it and getting a Honeywell, or a white rodgers Digital T-stat.
Good luck!
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I just replaced my old Honeywell analog thermostat with a new Honeywell model CT3600. I had the same problem with the old thermostat. The wires at the blower terminal look ok. Any other suggestions? Thanks for the input thus far.

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