Hot water heat problems


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Hot water heat problems

I have a hot water (gas) baseboard system. my pressure gauge reads just above "0". I have 2 zones and the only zone causing me a problem is on the 2nd story. when the system kicks on i can hear my "check valve" rattle loudly. I t seems that i can purge air from any elbow at any given time. I can't seem to get my pressure above "0", and i can't seem to purge entire system of air. Any suggestions? also, what is the best procedure for purging the system of air, i forgot to mention-air expansion tank is empty.
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Hot water problems

The system is probably severly might try power bleediing it by shutting off the valve under the circulater to cause the water to surge backwards and out of the boiler drain. First check the flow of the water and if need open the flo valves. The idea is to open the fastfill up to force the pressure up to about 25 psi (because the closer you get to 30, the better the chance of setting off the pressure relief) and then trough a hose attached the the boiler drain drain out the should notice a lot of air bursts. The idea is to bring the pressure up through and around the system to force the air out. Do this with the system down (off) it can be done with the system on but at 180 degrees, that water is dangerous! I like to put a model 67 maid-o-mist auto bleeder on the return side of each length of board (a little overkill) so that the system bleeds thoroughly (comes up nice, fast an quiet). The operating pressure s/b 15psi to 18psi under normal operation and note the pressure climbs fast the more air you purge. I hope this is of service, good luck!

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