2nd thermostat w/ FHA system


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2nd thermostat w/ FHA system

I have a Forced hot air heating system with the termostat in our family room with a fireplace. During the winter, I can heat the room with the fireplace so that the FHA system doesnt come on in the rest of the house. This makes the bedrooms cold at night, which I didnt mind until we had a baby. Ive been iching to burn these last few weeks but I have not been able to.
Its a single zone system. Can I add another termostat in one of the bedrooms to control the furnace? Could I get away without putting a motorized damper on the ducts feeding the living room? Is there any special wiring for the second thermostat, or is it wired the same as the current one?
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Just move the t'stat to a new location. That would be the easiest way to go. Don't forget to mark your wires and their locations on the t'stat. Remember, this will also change the operations of the a/c.
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Hello Ktm250rider. Welcome to the Heating and Cooling Appliance forum and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

One of the reasons the farthest ends of the house or the draftiest areas of the house get colder is because of the intake draw of the fireplace.

With the burning process consuming air in the room, the fire producing smoke and fumes, all of byproducts escaping up the chimney, more air is need to replace the consumed air in the room.

Therefore, replacement air has to enter from somewhere. Thru the house and most often from areas farthest from the fireplace and locations where drafts are.

To compensate for this, slightly open a window etc near the fireplace or in a nearby room. Doing so will reduce outside air from entering thru the bedrooms.

Two thermostats on one forced air unit {FAU} will contradict and or counteract each other. It never works correctly no matter how it's wired. Parallel or in series. Won't work.

Moving the existing thermostat may work but it will not allow the thermostat to properly sense the entire houses central average temp or be close enough to the return intake air supply.

Moving the thermostat will also create the A/C cooling problems fjrachel mentioned.

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