Oil Heat Bleeding??


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Oil Heat Bleeding??

I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to bleed the air out of my oil pump. I just received 100 gallons of oil and forgot to have the driver bleed my system. If anyone could give me a general idea of how to do it, it would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Change any oil filters you may have. Since you ran out of oil, they are in need of changing. On your oil pump you will find a 3/8 port. Push the reset button on the primary control, with a 3/8 wrench, open the port after pump starts. Have something to catch the oil and air combination that will be coming out. If the burner starts, close the port immediately. If all you get is air and oil up till the time the primary control shuts the pump down, close port immediately and try again. If you get straight oil and no air from the port, you have other problems.
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Thank you

Just wanted to thank the person who replied to my post. My heat is working gloriously now. If you need any cellular phone accessories please contact me at [email protected] I'll be happy to sell them to you at bargain basement prices. Thank you again.

Joe Iannotti
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