Furnace/AC problem


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Furnace/AC problem

My wife turned the air conditioner on the other day, and the furnace(where the blower is) started to make a horrible racket. When I went to look at it, I was able to put my hand on the furnace and the noise quieted down some. As if I had suppressed some vibration. The A/C was also not cooling the house as it should. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The furnace is a Carrier. Also I turned the A/C off and just the fan on. The noise was still there.
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rule # 1 keep the wife away from the tstat if possible, fake stats and locking covers are available at your local supplier. sounds as if the bearings in the blower motor have gone south. turn off power to furnace, open unit, blower is on bottom if upflow, grab blower shaft/wheel, i believe you will find excessive play. if not look for something loose that would vibrate.....blower housing, etc
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