Outside A/C unit quit after a few minutes


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Unhappy Outside A/C unit quit after a few minutes

The inside and outside A/C units will come on when the A/C is on cool setting; however, the outside A/C unit will stop running after a few minutes. The inside unit in the attic will continue running without any cool air. The circuit breaker for the A/C units and fuse on the inside A/C unit is still good. The band of the A/C is York with split system heat pump and is only two years old.
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Check your filter and replace if dirty.
Clean the evaporator(inside unit)fins,soft brush or shopvac.
Clean the condensor(outside unit)fins,soft brush and low water pressure hose.Turn the breaker off first and try not to totally soak the compressor.
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Sounds like you are low on refrigerant and the unit is shutting down on your low press safety switch. Make sure everything is clean as richo advised. If everything is clean, and your inside unit fan is running blowing good & strong, call a HVAC pro because you will probably need to have some refrigerant put in after they find the leak. good luck.
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Changed the filter, cleaned the coil for the outside and inside A/C units. The inside A/C unit is blowing strong and good air. Now the outside A/C unit will not come on at all when the A/C is on cool even before the cleaning of the A/C units.
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The outside A/C unit is not running due to the relay in the outside A/C unit gone bad.
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Same thing happened to me. Outside ac unit would not come on. If you tripped the relay by hand it would come on and start cooling, but it would cycle off and not come back on. AC guy came out, told me I had a slow leak in my A-coil. He said the low freon level was cutting the comp out. He installed a new A-coil and left. The AC still did not work, same thing as before. I called him back out and he tripped the relay by hand went in and checked the temp at me air vents and said the system was working fine. I told him to go to hell. I discovered that the relay has a timer on it that prevents the comp from kicking back on for a few minutes after it has last run. The timer had gone bad and it was stuck in perm wait mode. I went and bought a replacement and put it in myself for $12 after paying the ac guy $350 for the A-coil fiasco.
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As a service

"TECH" for many years I take it upon myself to apologize for the crappy service and troubleshooting you received.It was that 80% of all problems were mechcanical---but now the problem is more of an electrical nature---those who do not go to school and review their manuals only hurt the industry and their companys name.Go to small claims court!!!!!!!!!!!PDF

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