tapping new ducts


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tapping new ducts

What is the best way to tap new ducts? on the top or sides of the trunk? planning on using round ducts.
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i agree

with ahasbeen, for some reason top and bottom taps do not get sufficient airflow
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Probably explains why the vents in my kitchen get poor airflow. They tapped into the top when they bumped out the kitchen. I am replacing rusty trunk and will put taps into the sides. The bottom sits on my attic floor.

How close can the taps be to the blower? Originally they had put four taps/vents coming right off of the plenum (right word?). Basically four vents were within 3 feet of the blower, 2 of them to small bathrooms. Great airflow there, not so great downstream.
Am going to put taps in the trunk and run ducts back to those rooms so that later rooms get fair share of cfm. May get professional advice.

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