Forced Hot Air -- Smell


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Forced Hot Air -- Smell

I recently purchased a home with a forced hot air heating system. The prior owner was a heavy smoker and I'm trying to get rid of the smell. I had a company come down and clean the ducts, but it didn't get rid of the smell.

Any ideas about what else I can do?

Thanks for all of your help!
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aprilaire spaceguards

pick up cigarette smoke, do not know if they will help in this application, an evap coil cleaning and blower assembly cleaning should not hurt. in fact the evap coil may be where the odor is coming from.
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Thanks for your comments.

Sorry to sound stupid, but what are aprilaire spaceguards? How much do they normally cost and what do I do with it when I buy them?

Also, approximately how much should an evap coil cleaning and blower assembly cleaning cost? Because I don't know much about this I want to make sure I don't get ripped off.

I look forward to your response. Thanks for your help!
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in atlanta.......

blower cleaning 75 to 125 (entire blower is removed, cleaned then replaced, not cleaned in place) .....evap coil depends on acessability. i would recommend removing it and using an acid or alkaline based coil cleaner on it. if upflow config, @ 150...... aprilaire spaceguard is 4 inch pleated filter very high [email protected] change once a year..rplacement 25 if you diy
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Arrow ......My "Two Cents" Worth

Hello: yosefesq

The furnace unit may not be the sole source of the smell. Granted, it can be in the unit exclusively. You can payout the expenditures to have the entire heating unit cleaned out and still have all or part of that smell.

The reason is the odor may be in the carpeting, walls, ceilings and drapery, etc. You have not mentioned what prior steps you have already taken to eliminate the odor.

If the odors are elsewhere, the blower of the furnace may be contributing to the circulation of the odor. This may lead you to the faults sense it is coming from the heater when it is on.

Attempting to install any type of heavy duty filter or filtering device may help clear the odor while the heater is running but not totally eliminate the source.

Also be advised that extra heavy duty filters, in some older model furnaces, are not designed for this type of filter. Installing one will restrict air flow in the furnace. Installing one of these types of filters can cause furnace overheating and damage to the heater over a period of time.

If furnace overheating is happening, it can be identified by watching the furnace burners, which will be cycling {meaning turning on and off.} Cycling causes the furnace to work harder, increases energy useage, decreases efficiency and increases the time it takes to warm the house. {During burner cycling, the fan will continue to run. Only the burners will cycle.}

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both are good suggestions along with buying a "activated charcoal" filter media to work in sequence with your other filter.

The activated charcoal gets rid of a lot of smells. Most places can special order you these filters and they are reasonably priced.
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Thanks for all of your input.

What type of person should I contact regarding this -- is there someone that specializes in this type of thing, I want to make sure I call someone experienced in this. Thanks!
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Just wondering if anyone has an answer to my last post. Thanks for the information!

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