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Question Central H/AC System

I have an 1800sf home, single story. Currently have an old 1972 central H&A system. I am planning on replacing this unit but am confussed as to go with a roof mount system, all ducting is above ceiling, or stay with the split system w/compressor on the ground. It is next to the patio and creats a lot of noise for us. The ground unit cannot be located any place else as there isn't anyroom on either side of the home.

Also, what would you suggest for seer, tonage, btu for both heat and A/C?
Thanks,, Rich
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New systems

run more quieter------if your present system has served you well with good cooling,stay with the design---everytime someone designs something different,without it being proven,problems arise.PDF
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Thanks for your response...........BUT..............

I just purchased this home in September and the A/C unit was installed to replacce one that was diconnected and trashed. The new one is a very high energy user, plus the furnace don't seem to throw out much heat. Takes forever to heat up the house when off during the night. Runs constantly for about two hours before the temp is reached.

I would really perfer installing a more efficient unit.
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a/c furnace

I would leave the unit on the ground. Newer unit do not make as much noise as the oldr ones. You can even get a insulation cover to installed over the compressor if it is noisy. I would go with a 10 seer unit. Have a Heat loss survey done on your home by a qualified contractor. You will not need a heating unit as large as you have now due to the design of the newer units.

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