Old York Heat pump question


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Question Old York Heat pump question

I have a York heat pump that is 13 -14 yrs old. I live in the Southeast usa. It is a relatively small unit as the house is around 1400 sq ft. It has cooled very well and heated OK but just a few days ago I noticed that the emergency heat indicator light came on the thermostat with the unit turned to AC and the fan set to auto. After turning the unit off and trying again later that day I noticed it would run for up to 30 minutes before the emergency heat indicator light would come on the thermostat. Each successive time the unit was turned off ( for 10-15 minutes) and then back on to try again the time frame before the emergency indicator light would come on would get shorter and shorter, down to about 5 minutes or so. The air still felt cool even after the light came on so I don't know if the emergency heat coils are actually coming on or not; and when I was outside inspecting the outside fan unit it turned off. When I returned inside the air was still blowing even though the outside fan was off but not nearly as cold and of course the emergency indicator light was still on the thermostat. I don't know if the outside fan should always be blowing when the AC is on or not and thought it odd that air was still blowing inside the house (the fan was set to auto mode) after the outside fan cut off.

The unit has always worked well especially in AC mode. Both the outside unit and thermostat are York. On the outside unit I took off the side cover to inspect the compressor and everthing seemed to be still connected. There is also a small 8X12 or so metal box that contains the system electronics. The system looks simple enough I just need some expert guidance to determine the problem.

This is the first problem I have had with the unit. I have lived in the house for almost 2 years.

How can I troubleshoot the system to find out if a relay or other minor component have gone bad?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Older York units

had a compressor lock out.It will give you an "E" light if the compressor cycles off due to overload.Allow unit to set for an hour.Turn unit on.Feel the smaller pipe going into your home.It should feel warm,not hot.If it is hot check the outdoor coil for restrictions.You will also have to stand next to unit and make sure that if the fan stops,the compressor does not keep running.Sounds like a pressure control may be cutting it off.Make sure filters are clean.If you can see indoor coil make sure it isn't plugged.PDF

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