ice at connections?

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Question ice at connections?

My air conditoner had been working fine until 2 days ago when I noticed that it was not cooling at all. When I checked the unit I saw that there was ice at the connection point of the unit outside and also where it connects into the furnace. I turned off the air conditioner and removed the filter which was quite dirty. I vaccumed the filter and put it back in and waited for the ice to thaw off. I turned the air conditioner back on and it started working fine and then started to ice up again at which point I turned it off and have left it off. I am a very beginner single mom DIYer and want to know if there is anything else that I can check on myself before having to call in the experts. Thanks in advance.
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Hi, I just had my AC quit too all of a sudden. I took a look at the A-coil (inside the furnace) and it was completely covered in ice. So much ice in fact, not a bit of air could pass through it to get out to the vents. I thawed it out, and AC works fine again.

So that is most likely what happened with you as well. The part you couldn't see (the coil) was mostly clogged with ice until you let it thaw out for a couple of hours.

But the BIG question is, WHY is this happening? That's the question that I came here to post, and quite possibly the answer for you as well.

Good luck to us both.
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If the filter was really dirty the evaporator coil is probably dirty as well.
Karlsworld may have called exactly.The evap. coil may not have thawed out completly.That would have caused a restriction to the airflow.Next time turn the AC off/down and turn the fan switch to ON.this will continue to push air across the coil and help speed up the de-icing of the coil.
Let us know if that works for you or if you have any more questions.
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thanks so much!!!

My AC is up and running again, so thanks for the suggestions. As Karlsworld said, I still don't know what caused it, but everything is back on track. After vaccuming the filter, I still wasn't sure if it was clean so I ended up just getting a new one. I did turn the fan on as Rich0 suggested and now we're all calm, cool, and collected ( and much happier), so thanks for all the help
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Isn't the icing an indicator of a low Freon level?
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Originally posted by thiggy
Isn't the icing an indicator of a low Freon level?
Yes it can be but it's more likely to be an air-flow problem.

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