T-stat in 2 locations


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Question T-stat in 2 locations

I have a simple heat/ac system. Thermopride furnace. One zone. Small house. I have one of those round Honeywell t-stats that has "ac-off-heat" on one side and "fan" on the other. I want to install a second t-stat in another location and be able to control everything from both locations. I suppose that I could do this with a 4pst switch at each location but I'd like to install 2 new programmable thermostats. I have a 3 pair cable going from one location to the other. Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks!
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You can do anything with enough time and money, but....

This sounds like an interesting project but not particularly practical.

You could just hook up your two thermostats directly in parallel to one another. This would allow either thermostat to turn things on but both would have to be off to allow the unit to turn off.

One big problem I see is that one thermostat might be set for heat and one for cool. Now you have your furnace and air conditioner running at the same time. Talk about a waste of money.

Since you only have one zone I would stick to one thermostat.

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aha! that's the problem, Mike!

Paralleling these mechanical devices will be a disaster, as you point out. Not only because of having both systems on at once but because one wil always overide the other rather than giving complete control in both locations. For example, if one is set at 75 degrees, the other can't make the temp lower.

There's a good analogy in 110v capacitance dimmer. There's only 1 manufacturer of a PAIRED set.

Thanks for posting!

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