fan running little cool air

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Question fan running little cool air

My air conditioning outside fan is running. Very little cool air is coming through the vents inside. Varying the setting on the thermostat does not change amount of air coming through the vents. Does this mean there is something wrong with my thermostat? Or is there a bigger problem?
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Start with your air filter.

It sounds as though your filter, indoor coil is dirty, or indoor coil is frozen up and blocked with frost...OR all three.

Start with the filter. Check the bigger refrigerant line at the coil or outdoor unit for frost. If it is frosted up, turn the cooling of and turn the fan switch to ON for about 2 hours.

While you are waiting you can check the indoor coil for dirt on the air inlet surface. The indoor coil will ice if the refrigerant or airflow is low.

The surface can be clean but the fin spaces may be choked with dirt. Open the indoor coil box YOURSELF and shine a bright 60-watt light on one side of the coil. Use a mirror on the other side to see whether light will pass through the coil fin spaces.

You should be able to see slots of light coming through the fin spaces. It is all but impossible to deep clean the coil without cutting the lines and removing it from the house. It is less work to install a new coil.

If you want to be convinced further, ask your dealer to let you try to look through a new (and very clean) coil before you commit to any solution. That will dispel any doubts that you may have.

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