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Unhappy checking compressor

I have aTecumseh AG133ET compressor I think is bad. I have a tester and I pulled off cover to wires on compressor. I disconnected the three wires and did continuity check on motor. I had continuity on motor. I did a ground fault test on motor by touching one tester to motor housing and the other to all three places where motor wires connected. In all omhs settings I got no readings. I think I'm supposed to get an infinnity reading. If someone could tell me if I did it right, and that means the compressor is bad, I would greatfull. the blower fan works great but turn on air and it blows 60 amp breaker instantly.

Thank you for your time in advance, greg
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lynn comstock
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Testing the compressor that trips the breakers.

What do you mean by "no readings"? Did the meter read ZERO? Or did the needle not move? If it didn't move you were getting a high ohm reading...greater than the scale maximum. Yes the reading should be a minimum of 250,000 ohms (1000+ ohms per volt of power supply). This is "infinity" on most ohmmeter scales.

Leave the wires disconnected at the compressor and taped off. Restore the power. Does everything else work and the breaker NOT trip? That would point to an internal short or shunt in the compressor. You can reconnect and disconnect the compressor more than once to prove

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