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Thumbs down Gymnastics...

I never knew gymnastics can be such a pain in your buttocks!!!!!Bruises there and then here ....know I know why very few people are in gymnastics!!!!!
Tonight I went to gymnastics(what a rough evening) and we have to use our knee for some exercises and I messed up my knee pretty bad friday and I coundn't do my requirements in class!! Now I felt embarresed..well not that embarresed, but it made me feel like I give up to fast but when I try to do this activityI was required to do....
And not to be mean ,but my cousin Deanna,(shes in gymnastics too) she tries to show off you can tell, when we run around the mat she tries to run 5 times faster than me!!!!!!!!! Now pretend you are me....ok now see how I feel (sometimes)at gymnastics!!!!!! Well I got to go
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Gymastics--a pain in the butt!

First, ignore your cousin. She obviously is very competitive and must have reason from past experiences to feel that you were better than she at certain things. Perhaps, there exists some jealously there. Now, she may have discovered some area where she is better than you.

Whatever you do, do not let this get to you. Be a good sport. Kill her with kindness. Oh, Deanna, you are such a good runner. Oh Deanna, you are so flexible. Oh, Deanna, what a great gymnast you are. Give her these compliments in your best and very sincere voice. (No matter how badly you feel.) Once she perceives that you are proud of her and that you are not upset that she may be running circles, turning cartwheels, and doing flips around you, the big thrill of her outdoing you will fly out the window.

Some people will do anything for attention. Ignore them and they tend to move on to someone or something else for their reinforcement.

Now, gymnastics. A real gymnast starts training around 3 or 4. It is very difficult for us old ladies to get out there and start jumping on balance beam, parallel bars, flying rings, trampoline, etc. with the strength and form of an Olympian. They didn't make me take gymnastics until I was in college. The only thing I every learned how to do was ride a bike, run from my brothers, and climb a tree (to get away from my brothers). And, I am not physically coordinated, have poor upper body strength, and have been accused of having no muscles, not even between my ears. Some of us have it. Some of us don't.

Unless it's something you are serious about pursuing and want to commit yourself, consider it a passing event and take it all in stride and be a good sport about it. Including the sore muscles and bruises.

Your mother has chosen to study tae. She is committed. And, she has posted about her sore muscles. I'd have to go back and read her posts to see if they were in her butt.

You, on the otherhand, like me, did not choose to take gymnastics. There will be other courses in school that you will also not choose. They may not give you bruises and sore butt muscles, but they can cause great angst and maybe even failure. Thus, one must give it one's best to keep from failing a class, because it is required.

Think about those folks in the military who have to go through basic training. They all do. Most survive and move on. If it helps, pretend you are in basic training and be thankful you don't have to do 100 push ups! In a way, you are in basic training. You are training for the next level of your education.

You say, "Why gymnastics?" The next time the gymnasts are competing in the Olympics and you have an opportunity to watch them on TV, I guarantee that you will have a better appreciation of what they are doing and all the hard work they had to do to get to where they are. This is part of your education.

Be patient. This semester will soon end. Good luck!
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You did so well in gymnastics Monday. I was so proud of you. Still am! What you are learning on the balance beam is hard. Once you get it, it will become easier. The bruises and scraped skin are a part of it.

Deanna is more agile and very slim. She moves too fast in gymnastics for my taste. I'm afraid she is going to get hurt. I know that I've told you this, but not sure you heard what I said so I'm going to write it here:

I took gymnastics when I was young and loved it. I like the idea of turning cartwheels and flipping around on the mat. I also had my "Deanna" while taking. She was my best friend. She was always about 50 tricks ahead of me. That was okay. I took gymnastics for me. A lot of the girls I took with wanted to be olympic competitors. Not me, I just liked flipping around. The reason I ended up competing on the team wasn't by my choice. Please don't let me, or anyone else push you into things you aren't comfortable in doing. I pushed myself at gymnastics to please others, and ended up getting hurt and hating the sport that I once loved. I ended up having to quit: doctors orders. I was relieved too, the pressure was off.

I hope that you never take me buying cute leotards for you as pushing you to try harder. I want you to feel good, and like what you're wearing when you have fun! If it takes you 5 years to learn to do a backwalkover, I will be just as happy as if you learn it tomorrow. I want you to have fun. I want you to do something that is YOURS. Not mine, or Deanna's or anyone elses dream. Just you attempting to be the best you can be (your best is good enough! - in fact, its perfect.)

If you ever feel you need to take a break, please let me know. Ian and I both have to take breaks from tae. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, and yes, sore in the buttocks and a million other places, and need to take some time out. I don't think I push you, but I do know that I push myself. Not a very good example. I am trying to take my own advice and slow down a little. Take it all at my own pace. I hope you will the same. This about having fun, not achieving medals or trophies. Its about feeling good about ourselves.


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Thanx mom (kaybyrd )
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I still love Deanna and she is still my best friend in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nobody can change that!!!!
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kaybyrd is a wonderful mother!!

That was some wonderful advice from a mother to a daughter. Furball, please give your mother a big kiss and hug and tell her you love her. You are one lucky girl.

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