the political situation


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leon s.
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Unhappy the political situation

how can we solve the pressing problems in north korea? you handy guys must have a solution. please advise and quickly!
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The forum title says "Plumbing", not "Political".
This site isn't made for such debate, but everyone has an opinion, and I never hesitate to state mine, here or anywhere else. LOL
Just for the record (and a little history), I fully agree with Gen. Matthew B. Ridgeway (WWII 82nd Airborne division hero and commander of the UN forces in the Korean War after Truman sacked MacArthur in 1950 for wanting to start WWIII by using nukes on Red China after they invaded Korea).
"When the day comes for me to face my Maker and account for my actions, the thing that I would be most humbly proud of was the fact that I fought against, and perhaps contributed to preventing, the carrying out of some harebrained tactical schemes which would have cost the lives of thousands of men. To that list of tragic accidents that fortunately never happened I would add the Indochina intervention." - Gen. Matthew B. Ridgeway, 1956.
He made this statement after previously leading a group of Korean War and WWII military heroes - called the "Never Again Club", that included Gens. Maxwell Taylor, James Gavin, etc. - that helped convince President Eisenhower NOT to take over the war in Vietnam in 1954 by attacking the Vietnamese as French forces at Dien Bien Phu were about to fall.
They were adamantly opposed to any U.S. forces getting involved in another ground war in Asia (Vietnam, Korea, etc.) after their experience in Korea, where we faced almost overwhelming manpower (Chinese and North Korean cannon fodder), and had almost as many losses as we did in Vietnam, that resulted in exactly what we have today...a 50-year-old hostile stalemate.
A conventional ground war in Asia is stupid.
The leadership in that part of the world has demonstarted time and again that they could care less about sending hundreds of thousands of their troops to their deaths, as long as they killed enough Americans.
I am a former U.S. Army airborne infantry Special Forces officer, a Vietnam veteran (Nov 67 - Nov 68) and an avid patriot.
I dislike North Koreans as much as anyone else, but there are other ways to handle them. Attacking them is the same as attacking Red China, just as their attacking Canada would be to us.
If we didn't learn anything in Korea and Vietnam, we are condemned to repeat it.
Our immediate past and current Presidents are Vietnam draft dodgers, and I had and have no confidence in either of them in this particular regard.
The first is a complete Vietnam draft dodger, and the current one's daddy got him into the Texas Air National Guard, where believe me, only the sons of the rich and politically powerful made it to avoid Vietnam (I'm from Texas back then).
Let THEM go fight a ground war in Asia. They skipped the last one, and let the rest of us do it. For what?
Even JFK, according to his insiders, was planning to pull out of Vietnam. When running for President in 1964, President Johnson stated (paraphrase) that "American boys shouldn't be doing the fighting for Asian boys."
The only way to continue to handle North Korea is with worldwide political pressure and behind-the-scenes diplomacy, as we always have since the Korean War.
Even they are not stupid enough to use or allow the use of their nuclear weapons on us or South Korea, even if they develop more of them.
AND, just for the record, I oppose attacking Iraq just for oil, which is ALL that that amounts to. We can continue to contain them, as well.
IF anyone attacks us or our allies, directly or indirectly, as in WWII, THEN we go to war...ALL OUT. Or not at all (been there, done that).
Will we ever learn about ground wars in Asia?
I'm 1,000% for the War on Terrorism, by the way. I hope that we keep pounding the hell out of them every chance that we get. No quarter. Different story.

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Lew Falconer
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Well said Mike. I salute you .
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In My Opinion

Never could avoid the opportunity to toss in "My 2 Cents."

Very well stated Mike.

As a veteran myself, I also proudly salute you.

I suspect the so called possible war with Iraq is simply a ploy for oil and a testing grounds for the latest in military fighting machinery, software and technology....

Does it seem all too often when a Republican, such as the current one in office and Republicans control the both houses of the government...........?????

......the military industrial complex goes into high gear.....

Now where is that "Plumbing" forum??????....

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Yep, Tom.
I agree with you.
And here comes yet another famous "millions in Republican political donations multi-billion-dollar payback" to the military-industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about in the 1950's) called "Star Wars".
As Gen. Patton said in WWII (paraphrase), "if man can overcome oceans and mountains, there is nothing that man builds that cannot be overcome". (He was referring at the time to the vaunted German Seigfried Line that the Allies blew through.)
Low-tech terrorists can find a way to get around that "Star Wars" boondoggle, which technologically isn't even "there" yet.
With all of the Trident nuke subs cruising around out there, especially off North Korea, I still don't see even those idiots actually using nukes on South Korea or us.
Talk about instant "payback".
They'll just threaten us with them just as the Soviet Union did, and we all know how that ended. I suspect that sooner or later the present North Korean regime will end up the same as the Soviet Union. (Their people are starving now.)
We should be concentrating our military on the War on Terrorists, period, and not on the War for Oil..Iraq (which I believe is coming anyway) or North Korea.
It's unfortunate in a way that almost all of the Bush administration and the Congressional leaders that we have now have never served in the military or seen combat firsthand.
If they had, there wouldn't be such a rush to attack anyone, including Iraq.
Old people start wars, and young people suffer and die in them. All for power, greed and idiotic ideology. Always has been. Always will be.
All that we can do is fully support our young military people who have to do it.
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leon s.
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I appreciate the intensity of all the replies i received. It is refreshing to see such an unabashed display of patriotism. In that vein, can someone explain to me that Hillary Clinton is ranked as among the most admired women?
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Leon S.

The reverse question can also be asked.

What is the opposition to her being the most admired female?

Additional Questions:

Does gender matter?

Does politically party matter?
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In regard to the Hillary Clinton query, I assume you are a man. I personally admire her tremendously. She is an independent, brilliant woman (which many men can't handle). If you don't admire her fine, but there are many, many of us who do. So if you wonder how she can be one of the most admired people, here's your answer. There's lots of us out there.
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Talking Politics eh!

Say, does anyone out there like Richard Nixon?

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