I love to whine!!


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I love to whine!!

Hi folks!
I just discovered this topic and it is right up my alley. I'm fairly new to this website but it has been a great one for getting my questions answered and in a very timely manner I might add!!
But this is a nice touch! When something you're trying to fix does'nt go right (life or otherwise) its nice to have a place to come to and complain and whine! I hope you guys don't mind if I tag along sometimes and air my gripes and complaints

Thanks and hello to everyone that comes to this forum!
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Well of all the nerve!

That ANYONE with ANY sense would think that a forum labeld Chats and Whines was a place to complain about life's vagaries is BEYOND ME!

Wire the editor of your local newspaper - write Ann Landers - cll your congresman (person) - yell at your dog... OR

come on back here - you're more than welcome...
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I just love this area of the forums. Instead of griping in the other forums about how my hubby won't fix anything, I gripe about it here and then zoom over the forum I need and do it myself!

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I lie to whine just do not have anything to whine about. OH wait I want to retire now not 10 years from now right now.

I want to play in the garden 24/7, I want to start a garden business. I want to just sit back and do nothing if I do not want to. Oh well back to work Monday. LOL!

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