Space shuttle


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Space shuttle

I don't want to come off sounding cruel but people in general & the media in particular are making too much of the destruction of the space shuttle when it is compared to the 4 military personel that died several day ago in a helicopter crash. Where was all of the television news conferences, the wailing of people on the street & flags at half mast? All that was reported was a one minute blurb on the news. I'm not an ex-military person but I think we as a country have our priorities wrong. Everyone knows the reason... It makes good copy. It's interesting in a sick way. I turned it all off & watched PBS.
Just my opinion, thanks.
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That is a very interesting point. I don't think that you are being cruel, either. Both were terrible incidences that caused loss of life to those important to our country and to individuals in our country. One should not be considered greater than another.

I don't watch the news, or listen much about things anymore due to the fact that no matter what its about, the media is going to focus on what 'sells the best' or can be dramatized to the greatest extent. Personally, makes me sick.

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I don't think your statement about the media going overboard with the shuttle disaster was cruel. The cruel thing here is the fact that the media chose to limit the coverage of the soldiers who lost their lives in the helicopter crash. Kaybird is also right that one incident should not be considered greater than the other. I think you are right when you say that the priorities are wrong, however, I think it is the media's priorities that are wrong and not the average American. Look at for information about the war on terror that you won't hear about on the evening news. The shuttle disaster is upsetting to me, and I hope comfort will soon find the families of the lost crewmembers. I also pray for our service men and women, their families, and for the USA.
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The news people will pander to the all mighty dollar. They compete with the other news broadcasts for the highest ratings & the most advertisment dollars. The same people who watched a lot of that "news" yesterday are the same people who keep the Jerry Springer's rolling in money.
Yes it was sad that those 7 brave people lost their lives in the search for knowlage. It is also sad about the people who were murdered on Sept. 11th. Should we mourn more for those who died so publicly than all of the solders who have given their lives in all of the wars? Only if it is news worthy...
Thanks for letting me vent.

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