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So, the prodigal child stops by.

And then she tells you she's been averaging 60 hours a week - like thats an acceptable excuse...

I miss you and love you guys, AGAIN!!!

Work is great - current family affairs are about as good as they can be, and it's my birthday. And here I sit, typing when someone should be sweeping me off my feet with loves and cooking me breakfast.....but since he decided to stay up until 0430, thats not gonna happen.


Thanks. I feel better now. Guess I better go cook myself breakfast, since I sure as heck cant type right now!!!

Later everyone..!!!
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Sorry this is a day late...Happy Birthday!!!... how goes the fast paced exciting world of EMS?!?!?!?! sounds like you are putting in enough hours at it. Stay Well.
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Happy belated birthday Chelle! Hope it was good afterall.

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I had a good b-day, thanks to my Robbie!! He took me out to dinner, and shopping! What a little god....<sigh>

EMS???? It's GREAT!!! Lots of fire calls, darn medics like to dump on us - the price you pay for holding a contract, huh?

Oh well, speaking of, gotta be back there in 6 hours, so goodnight for now!


BTW, Kay.....tried to call, mightve talked to Lee??? He home now??? Was VERY nice and polite, good job! Sounded kinda tall.....weird thought I know, but o was the store?
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hey girl, I was here. he was spelling out your name and I thought it was a creditor and didn't let him finish. i am so sorry!!!!!!!!

i had so much to tell you too. guess i'll email it all.

glad you had a great day. and yes, lee is tall. 6' 4". Taller than his dad, and definitely taller than me. not quite as skinny though LOL.

lee is home now. he's been here since christmas. after his visit we drove to vegas to get his stuff and bring it home. he is finally starting work tomorrow! yahoo! about time too. getting on my nerves having someone home all day, everyday.


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