no guilt!


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no guilt!

I started to feel guilty again, but no way. Not this time. I've got a son, and a BIL that are both laid off work right now. I really hate that. My hubby just got the word. Wonderful news! All these years of sticking by the company, through lean times, really lean times and taking cuts in pay, benefits, etc has finally paid off. He just got the negotiated salary that he wanted, plus commission. Get this guys, he just signed the papers today and still qualifies for part of this quarters' commission! Not too shabby! We are so excited.

We weren't going to say anything to anyone, but when I get emails and phone calls wanting to know what's going on with Mike and his boss (BIL happened to ride in with hubby since he's doing subcontract work for my hubby's company) I told them. Its good news, and I'm not going to be ashamed or feel guilty that we are actually experiencing a little more financial security. My husband is on top of the world right now. He knew that the company appreciated him. They've shown him in many ways. They give him a company truck to drive, pay the gas and insurance on it, loaned us money for the down payment on this house, even flew my husband home from a job out of town to sign the papers, and have helped out by purchasing some of his tools. This is the icing on the cake for him. He's so proud, and Im so proud of him, too.

Now we can definitely raise the percentage taken out monthly for his 401K! We can, if we are careful, save a lot of money. We can pay off some of our debt, and maybe even pay off our house in 10-15 years instead of 30. Not instantly, mind you, but with careful planning and not spending what he makes (stay right where we are - comfortable!).

Okay, I'm going to go do my silly little "I'm excited" dance again...

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Way to go Kay

You and Mike just hold your head up!

People will make remarks ...... it's jealousy and nothing else!
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Mike was so cute yesterday when he got home. He tried riding our 10yo's skooter down the street. The neighbors were watching out the window and giggling, urging him on. It was fun! Then he took me out for ice cream.

He's on cloud nine right now. I'm loving every minute of it. He has worried so much about us, and worked so hard for us. Now he can relax (as much as parents can LOL) a little bit and have some fun.

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Congratulations to both of you!!! its good to hear some good news, what with the current state of the world.

its good to see that loyalty in business can pay off!!

WW just found out shes losing her current boss (a real great guy), and going to someone different. not necessarily a bad thing, just a change, and we all know how much we love change!!!

i told her to cherish the fact that she got the opportunity to work for this guy, and maybe the new boss will be even better. (As if that were possible!!)

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