War News Coverage. What's next?


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War News Coverage. What's next?

Oh gee, what will CNN, Fox, MS NBC and others tv news do now that ships and planes are pulling out of Iraq while things begin their journey of settling down?

Granted I found myself literally glue to the news while the war progressed but I was very disappointed that war was ALL they covered...other than occasional news on the SARS virus.

Meanwhile our ecomony is basically running towards the bottom of the barrel, more and more people are getting layed off...and some nutcase Mom decided to murder her disabled 7 year old daughter because dear old Mom couldn't cope with the problem anymore, and also, scientists had finally mapped out 99.99% of the human genic code. Did any of the tv news mentioned this stuff over the past few weeks and up until today? Nope. What we got a lot of were pixelated videos from sat phones that were very difficult to see along with garbled voices when the phone began to lose their signals. Hm, a new error in quailty television? No, I don't think so.

What also bugged the heck out of me was all the hullabulue and jubulation over rescuing one single POW private from Iraq, meanwhile the others who died in her same unit got less attention. Shouldn't that be the other way around or was the news trying to pull a "lets make America feel good" trip while bringing less light to those others in the same maintenance group? I'm sorry if you disagree, but those deceased people are also heros and should be treated with the same respect instead of a mere mention of their passing. Of course I was pleased as punch to hear seven other POW's were rescued, too...but please, this obsession the news has with single stories is total overkill. We need more variety, after all they're broadcasting 24/7 so it's not like they don't have enough time to report these other stories about not only the war but what else is happening in the world.

Thankfully there are other channels to flip over to, and of course the web for massive amounts of information to keep us all up-to-date with the latest scoops in our own country and around the globe.

Thanks for letting me rant.
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The rescue of eight POWs was very significant and news worthy.
Can you remember the last time something like that has happened? It's been forty years or more!

LIVE pixelized video still beats two or three days delay on film/tape as in Gulf War 1.

And, watching the war beats the hell out of OJ, Jon Bonet, Robert Blake, et al.

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I don't watch tv right now. Too much drama where it isn't needed, and not enough focus on what's wonderful and truly important (rescue of POWs). I did notice that the one POW (female) is on the cover of most of the rags in the checkout stands right now. No mention of the others, just her. I'm proud that as a female she did get out. I'm proud of women that can serve in our army, however...I really worry about them over there. Guess I'm just too much of a girl and know I couldn't survive just being there much less fighting or being a POW.


Ps. They mapped our genetic code? What does this mean for us? Good things (medical - healing) or bad things (superrace?).

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Cable news ratings were four times their norm during the first couple of weeks of the war. There is some underlying demographic data which could be extrapolated to demonstrate the perhaps the more "responsible" station might have played things differently, but a quadrupling of the ratings, no doubt had an immediate effect and the aforementioned demographics would have been impossible to predict.

The young lady had the good fortune to be rescued, well in advance of the deadlines for the weekly publications; She was also the first, so it is only natural that she would get the most press and though there were several wire service photos available, the one that everyone has used of the clean-scrubbed soldier is almost as irresistable, as the fact that she's a pretty young blond from a town called Palestine. Combined, her story has all the makings of a movie-of-the-week which of course, NBC had announced they had under development before she left Germany, though thus far, she hasn't sold her official rights to anyone.

And Kay; In response to your question; Either is possible, it'll be up to us, what we do with the info.

Peace Out;
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perhaps the more "responsible" station might have played things differently
Are there any of those out there? Here everything is dramatized to the nth percent. I guess that I expected no less since they even have 'news' breaks for the weather. Yes, we need to be on guard for bad weather. Its strange here because they will break for urgent weather updates. If it is over us then I don't hear enough "seek shelter" but more of "stay tuned for further updates". We use to just get the messages (warnings) at the bottoms of the screen as a ticker. Now its full 5 minute updates with an anchorman/weatherman and the doppler deal yadayadayada...

Very different world than I grew up in. Very different.

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Personally, what I hate are the weather teases; "Will you need your umbrella in the morning; Tune in at 11 for my 3-D, fly-through forecast". It seems to me that it'd be simpler to just tell me the answer, especially considering that the teases are usually sponsored, anyway. But most folks watch the late news for the weather and the weather alone, so I guess it is understandable why they insist on teasing.

As for the updates, here in the desert, it never rains so we don't have that problem. But, where I lived last, I actually made a study of the weather. So, I was the fellow who knew TWC's schedule by heart and would watch throughout the hurricanes, not so much because I was on an island whose highest point was about twenty feet above sealevel, but to watch those little cells transversing the mainland.

But, I'm kinda weird, that way...

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