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I guess this is your big stage, mschip! well, you are in the right place, because you sure can whine up a storm. You are on your soap box with an axe to grind with the gov't. about the war spending, finding fault with everything the U.S. has done since 9/11, and in the process you are cheapening the loss of our brave men and woman that went to either afghanistan or iraq and gave their lives, these heroes went and did their jobs without whining, without hesitation and with the great honor to be representing the U.S.A., YOU, my whining friend should learn a lesson from those who gave all, you may not agree with all of the policy, but we MUST support our country, and sometimes that means stopping the ridicule and second guessing long enough to be thankful that we can call ourselves Americans! You, my friend could always move to a country that suits you better, one of the great things about American freedom is, you can get the hell out any time you want!
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Very well put. I agree.

God Bless America!
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First of all, you don't know the first thing about me or my opinions to be trying to figure me out, simply because all I posted were facts that came straight from newspapers and other media. Nothing I stated cheapened or degraded what any soldier sacraficed for this country. Unlike you and many other yeehaw ignorant Americans, I prefer to stay informed regarding what's happening in politics and discuss them openly in a forum where dialog is suppose to be enouraged. But if the facts bother you then that's not my problem...go back to reading your funny papers if you can't handle the truth. Many members of my family are veterans and active service personal, and they're the reason why I went to work in the military defense contractor industry. What I literally hate are the morons out there who continue walking around with rose colored glasses thinking how great our military is being treated, when if fact, most Amercian's couldn't care less about vets or active service personal. When did you start hanging a flag in the front of your house? Mine's been up for 20 years. Did you walk in a Memorial Day Parade this past weekend? I certainly did. Did you spend time at the VFW talking with vets? I certainly did. But one thing I refused to do is discount the fact that American soldiers where sent to Iraq with orders to fight while under a fasle pretense that certain weapons existed. Meanwhile, American soldiers are dodging sniper fire from certain groups or people of Iraq, and a notificable number of Iraqi's don't even want us in their country. How does it feel when you read signs held up by Iraqis that state "Death to Americans" while you have a loved one still in Iraq? As to the Bush's new defense budget, it's the bureaucrats in Washington who have always cheapened the armed forces. They say they're going to install or provide a certain technology but they move at a snails pace. A lot of that budget's funding will unfortunately go for OLD and outdated technology. I can't tell you what exactly I do for the military but I can tell you is....our armed forces DON'T have the best technology that currently exists. What's the point in appropriating billions of dollars if the goverment isn't willing to spend the dollars WISELY. Meanwhile, more Americans, even in the defense industry, are being layed off, or worse yet, are still unemployed because our current government has done very little to simulate this country's ecomony...yet they can find billions of dollar for going to battle. Amazing!!!!! All I can say is THANK GOD a portion of the defense budget is going towards better health care, jobs, housing, school and other benefits for active service personal, and veterans...and HOPEFULLY the support agencies and veteran affairs offices won't mismanage those funds. I'll continue to stand on my soapbox for as long as it takes. Americans ARE free to state their opinions about how one feels the government is doing, or should I say...what the current adminstration is NOT doing. Anyone who feels any American can't express themselves freely is nothing less than a HYPOCRITE by every measure of that word. Maybe it is you who should considering taking your own advice to move elsewhere since you obviously don't seem to believe in, or support, the First Amendment of the Constitution.
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Okay, I'm going to voice my 2 cents in this matter.

This is the first time that I've heard anything remotely pro-American come out of your mouth.

The rest of your posts simply sound like a good old 'america bashin' as us kuntry, unedukated folk sezs.

None of here are uneducated in your sense of the word. Maybe more lighthearted, loving and try to see some of the positive in the negatives of this world. We're aware of the issues at hand, just not consumed by them. Just because its on tv or in the newspapers doesn't mean its real or true. The media is big business today, not a source of truth, honesty or even hope today.

When one issue becomes such a focus of your life, then it is a problem. Talk to your congressmen, stand on soapboxes in the street, and gather your followers. BUT, do not 'shoot' us that choose not to follow you. Do not take away OUR rights (1st Ammendment or otherwise) just because YOU can't simply agree to disagree. I am not the enemy. I live in this country. I am an American citizen. I pay taxes (which means if you truly work for the gov't then I pay your salary - as do the others here). This is my home. If I get THAT upset with my country, or even just my neighborhood I can leave the country or relocate to a different neighborhood. That is my American right.

There are forum boards, politcal ones, out there on the web that are more suited for this type topic and the attitudes being shown here. My children read these forums boards, too. This is a discussion NOT a debate.

KEEP that last statement in mind when you post here. These are read by children so keep it nice, clean and lower the 'anger volume' in here.

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'yeehaw ignorant Americans'

YEEHAW IGNORANT AMERICANS?? I can't even believe you would use that phrase in the same paragraph in which you commend yourself for being patriotic. Being an American is not about what you did on Memorial Day, it's how you live each and every day. It's loving our country because it allows discussions like this one. It's defending your freedom of speech while the person next to you burns the flag defending his.... whether we like it or not
While I can appreciate the ideas that you present and agree that we, as a nation, need to be more aware of what our government is doing with our money and with the lives of our service men and women, I do not care for the 'flavor' you use to present it. Must we all be ignorant Americans for your point to be valid?
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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Ms.Chip's opinion may not be popular, but this IS America, and she has the right to express it. We did go into Iraq on the premise of finding WMD's and did not. I did not hear any other reasons for the war until we did not find any. I felt the war would have been a worthwhile venture barring the loss of any American lives. Once there are American soldiers dying the persiut of the goal seems to mean less.
Just because someone does not support the war does not mean they are America bashing. If someone does not support zero gravity medical experiments on lab rats does not make them un- American. If you do not support the military buying $700.00 hammers does not mean you do not support your country. Our forefathers fought and died so people could express their opinions.
I heard a radio interview with a great American who said the US has government by the people of the people for the people. He also said that as an American citizen it is YOUR responsability to make sure you take part in how your government works. He said you should be in contact with your congressman once a week, or you are giving up one of your greatest rights as American citizens. He went on with some radical views that I found quite intrigueing. Would you believe it was Ted Nugent.
I am glad to see the new level of patriotism we are enjoying and if we exercise our rights by having contact with those we elected we can have more sayso in the direction this country will go in the future.
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Our military personel have not been treated well by John Q. Public since the end of WWII. Looked down upon as people who couldn't hold a "real" job. My dad was a ground pounder & I was born at Ft. Knox while he helped take care of the place when everyone else was heading to Korea. He had already spent time taking the Philippines back from Japan. After the war, he couldn't get a job so he re-enlisted. On this point, I agree with Mschip.
However, the war in Iraq is code named "Iraqi Freedom" not "WMD- Search & Destroy".
As for what I read in the paper & see on the news, I don't beleave half of it. The news uses too many sound bites that tell the part of the story they want you, the viewer, to see & hear. Do they manipulate the story? Maybe; if it raises the ratings or hypes a past or future story. It's all too easy for this to be done in the name of truth, justice and the American way. Remember, news is all about ratings, circulation, and most of all, money. It is a cynical way of looking at things, but thats the way it is.

I will say the current adminstration is doing a lot more about the terrorisim situation then the last one did. You may not like the domestic policy, but no one ever compeletly does.

Mschip, (and the rest of you), don't hate in a general way just because of what they say or think. It's the same reasoning Ossama Bin used to create zealots. If they don't think & believe as I do, then kill them all..
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Ms chip you are way off, first of all, I didnt just start flying my flag, I have had one up as long as ive owned a house, before that, my dad put his up when he got back from europe with his purple heart, so dont give me your, more patriotic than thou crap, I , also am far from a "yeehaw American" college educated and socially active in my community, is more like it, also very aware of better places that some of the defense pork could be used more wisely. And , yes I am sure there are people in iraq that want us out, there will always be a portion of that population that supports the former regime, but for the most part, the people of iraq will have a much better society because we were there. I guess as a so called "defense contractor" we should all stop and take notice when you speak of government defense issues, also, your comment about the first amendment was a nice touch, I never questioned your right to speak your mind, God bless the fact that we can all do just that, and we can all continue to read your unsubstantiated data and phony claims of inside knowledge from your almighty soapbox, you should be very proud of your ability to rub people the wrong way!

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