Happy Birthday to you...


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Red face Happy Birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you.........
Happy birthday dear fatkid66......
Happy birthday to you!!!!!

....and many more......!!! {kay trying to keep singing over the sound of howling dogs all the way in Peru }

Sorry Frank, am a day late. Hope you had a great day!

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i appreciate you noticing!!

my 5yo was the cutest, as soon as she opened her eyes, b4 she said anything else, wished me happy birthday!!! i think she may have wished me happy bd every time i walked into the same room as her!!! she was soooo siked it was my bd. it was cute.
I went to work and all like normal, with the guys working on the deck and all, work, kids, training,and everything else, Cat and I are busy busy busy!!! this weekend we'll be celebrating my bd cause its easier on everyone!! it was cute, Cat had the kids make me a card and we had a little icecream cake last night when i got home from work!!
the deck is all framed and they will be laying the decking today!! even if the door isnt done this week at least we'll be able to use the deck !!
we went to Cats friends house last Fri, and she did some bricks on her bathroom wall!! she is so talented!! it kills me how unsure of herself she is at times!!!this is the first time she has done mural type painting outside our own house. she doent yet feel comfortable doing it for someone else. everyone tells her she should go into business!!! she has finished the kit, the walls are awesome!!! got to get the pics up on the site, but we're still having puter problems. and the $$$ for the deck have put all else on hold!!!

Thanks again!

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