How to attract new SPAM


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How to attract new SPAM

Over the past few months, I had gotten the spam under control. Using the filtering available in my e-mail program, I was sending it to the trash bin. It was about 20 pieces a day, about 50% of the mail.

Then I discovered a new way to attract fresh spam. I bought the game Neverwinter Nights. Wanting to participate in the forum concerning installing and running the game under Linux, I registered. There is a disclaimer that personal information won't be released.

Now I am receiving 20 or more pieces of new spam each day, and the number seems to be increasing. This is the only change that I can recall.

At least 50% of the e-mail that I receive each day is automatically filtered into the trash. This is annoying to say the least: and I have to pay for the server and bandwidth to provide these parasites a means to send me this trash.
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Since I have been on for the last couple or so years, my junk mail is up to over 200 a day. I am so sick of getting emails about get quick rich schemes, how to make some body parts larger and others smaller, how to get rid of hair and how to grow hair, ink jet cartridges, wrinkle creams, hot sex with teen girls (no teen boys yet), finding the perfect mate, losing 100 lbs in ten days (I'd weigh 16 lbs after that), casino gambling, free condos, website development, how to spam a million people, etc. I have to click through all these emails to find the 2 or 3 hardwood flooring inquiries I get a day and to find those from my friends at

I use to do block sender. It is a slow process. I finally just started deleting because I get so many emails. There are folks out there who have software that harvest email addresses off the internet. I can't have a list of approved emails because I receive hardwood flooring inquiries from around the country.

I am one person that is absolutely sick of junk email. I am absolutely not interested in improving any of my body parts. I would just like to have a new body.
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Slowly but surely I am starting to get the spam too. How do you block something that doesn't have anything in the From line?

I delete them too. I already have too many filters slowing me down just sorting the emails that I get.

Such a bother. Hey, Twelvepole, you and I would weigh as much as a baby if we lost 100! Bet that would be really attractive! Like I'm not skinny enough. Send me something that tells me how to gain weight and I might be interested. I don't want a university dimploma online either.

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I used to get lots a spam each day, but since I started using McAfee's spam killer, and starting sending out admin/isp complaints to all possible return address'es, which is done though this program, I now, at the most get, 1 to 2 every other day.

The moral of the story is, fight back, send complaints on every one you get, it works for me.

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i set up a filter at work on outlook, and even tho it takes care of most of the SPAM, i still have to check some of my deleted items cause it puts some good ones in there!!! my newest method is to sign up for a cheesy free-mail acct and use that address whenever i order or sign up for something. that way i only check when im looking for something and do wholesale deletes as necessary. the home e-mail only goes to family and friends!!

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