OORAH! He's Back!!


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OORAH! He's Back!!

My best friend's husband is back from Iraq!! Everyone was very excited to see him, but of course, we gave him a few days home alone with the family! He traveled back in 26 hours so he still has a pretty good case of jet lag! We had a small party to sit around and listen to whatever stories he would tell (there are some topics that he won't or can't talk about). He was responsible for training 300 +/- service members (coalition forces included) in proper use and detection of chemical (NBC) safety gear. Some of the guys (and gals) he trained were part of the team that discovered that large cache of chemical suits. He was not part of a forward unit (like he was in the first Gulf War) since he was working with the training. He worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the only time he had off was the 3 times he was hospitalized (dehydration - it was 125 to 145 during the day - and sand mites put a lot of people in the hospital). He was put back with his regular unit detachment of ammo for the last 45 days. He said that was fun because they got to blow stuff up! They destroyed that stockpile of RPG's that were found and he said that was really cool! The cool part of blowing that up according to him, was knowing that those rockets would not be able to kill anymore of the forces still over there and at least that many service members would be able to go home to their families safe and sound. He said it was tough and tense at times, but the feeling of unity and the concern for every friendly person's safety never lagged! He said that intelligence sought out Iraqi friendly's and identified them to every detachment in the area, they were part of the coalition forces just as much as the Americans, British, Danes, & Aussies. He won't be released from active duty until at least January or February, but the guard center he reserve's out of is only 1 hour away. His boys are practically glued to him now that he's back and he loves it!! Plus, my nephews dad (an Army MP) is due back early August!! I continue to pray for him since he is in a more dangerous situation (and his son is the one with muscular dystrophy). I just wanted to share this good news with everyone!!
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Thanks for sharing your good news and a good story. As with all wars, some of our loved ones don't make it back. Your best friend's family is one of the lucky ones. Thank you for letting us share your joy!
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Yah! That is wonderful news! Thanks for sharing it. I really needed to hear something good today and reading that put a smile on my face.

Yea buddy!


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