Hair color


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Hair color

I e-mailed for an answer to a problem, but have not heard back yet. Are they any home remedies to lighten a bad hair color. Instead of a medium brown for my husbands hair, it took too well and came out black - not a good thing!!! I know the beauty shop can lighten it, but I was hoping for a home remedy that might lighten his hair back to original color. He's been a really good sport about this, but we need to lighten this soon, we have to have family pictures taken next week! Hope someone can offer some suggestions. By the way I used For Men Only on his hair!
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Hair color

Hair color tends to lighten with multiple washings. After a couple of weeks of daily washing it tends to tone down. Let's see, that would mean 14 shampoos. Perhaps with some type of strong shampoo, it would expedite the process. I once knew a girl who thought her hair color turned out too dark. She washed it several times in Tide. That was in the days before they had Tide with all-fabric bleach. Hmmm! Just a thought. Of course, hubby could get a very close hair cut, too. It grows back.
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I've always used dish detergent to lighten the color a little when its been too dark. However, it does tend to dry out the hair, especially after its just been colored.

Clarol also makes a 'color lifter'. Not sure this is what you're looking for, but you can find it at a wholesale beauty supply, and sometimes just on the shelves at Kmarts and WalMarts. You will have to recolor again after using it, but choose a MUCH lighter shade since the hair will be so porous and light after stripping the added in color out.

Good luck!

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Hot Topic sells a great bleach kit for hair. It turned my purple hair blonde. I tried the L'oreal hair bleach once and my hair turned a nauseating shade of orange. Ironically the Hot Topic brand cost less. Then just dye to the color you want
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I agree with Hirsch, please don't use the L'Oreal. It doesn't remove 'true'. We colored my son's hair blue, and then discovered it was against school policy (because it wasn't a school color?!). We tried that brand, and it turned it green, which also isn't a school color. I had it professionally done at that point so I could get my kid back in school.

The product I mentioned earlier isn't a bleaching agent, it simply removed hair color that you've put in your hair. Of course, when you color your hair, the dye does tend to strip the natural coloring out of your hair and replace it, so when you lift what you've added out: your pretty much a yukky 'blonde' or at worse a bleached blonde. Then the hair is ready to accept new color.

The true purpose of the color lifter is to use between hair colorings if changing the color of your hair. For example: if you color your hair with 'mahagony' this time, but want to go a truer red next time, you need to lift as much color (artificial color) out of your hair or it will alter the next coloring. Take my word for it: if you use mahagony this time and red next time it will turn out pink-ish purple if you don't lift out the color first.


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