Internet Service Provider?


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Internet Service Provider?

Would like to throw a question out there....who is your internet service provider, and are you happy with your service?

I am using CompuServe (because it is free for the time being) and am not happy at all! The browser is not compatible with a lot of websites (like this one, for example) and it gives me a lot of headaches. I have to sign on to CompuServe to establish my internet connection and then go out and pull up something like Internet Explorer or MSN Explorer to use some websites. And I get "kicked off" a lot.

I was just curious to hear some other people's experiences with their provider....I will be changing my service once my free time is up.

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Earthlink. We originally had a locally owned ISP but they were sold to some out of state company who then sold out to Earthlink. Wasn't really happy about the buyout, but stuck around to see how they would be. $21.95/mo unlimited, no busy signals, and I always get a 49,333 connection. I do not use the Earthlink software (they were supposed to send me a cd when our isp was acquired, but didn't, so I just keep using generic IE). Saw a news item somewhere that they were going to drop the $7 additional charge for their "Plus" service, which is a built-in accelerator function. Not willing to pay the extra $7, but will give it a try when its free.

The online chat-style tech support that is available is a nice extra. Used it a couple of times and was impressed.
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That sounds like AOL that my wife has. She has all kinds of problems getting around and gets dropped a lot or has trouble getting on. It's a mystery to me why she sticks with it.

I have AT&T with Internet Explorer and am very happy with it. It opens directly to their home page (although it can open directly to any home page as I understand it) and I have no problems with getting to any sites.

Their tech support is also outstanding. I don't think I've ever been on hold for over 5 minutes before getting to a living, breathing person and they have always been able to walk me thru my problem.

Best of all, it is very stable; I don't think I get dropped over 1 or 2 times a month, if that. My only complaint is that 3 or 4 times a month it takes 2 trys to get on line.

Yes, I am quite happy with it.

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I tried verizon DSL as a trial offer and haven't looked back. Never bumped offline, no connection problems and even greater since they reduced the price. They've recently added MSN8 which I don't really care for so I just use the verizon start page which I can personalize the way I want. Hey, what ever works!
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I have Earthlink DSL. Always on. Only variable seems to be having an IP address changed every couple of weeks. I use Linux with the Mozilla browser for internet and mail. My webserver runs on this connection and I don't have reports of problems with people connecting to it. Good, reliable service. I have broadband service for a long time. Earthlink meets my expectations.

AOL is plague. The third party interface slows everything down because it has to be processed through AOL first.
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I use Earthlink broadband too with the exception mine is cable broadband. I enjoyed BellSouth's dsl while living in Memphis, but it isn't offered yet in this small town.

Earthlink dialup is reliable as well. I enjoyed it while using dialup. CompuServe seemed slower to me because like AOL, I had to use their browser, experienced dropped connections and slower speeds.

I also enjoyed ATT during my dialup provider search. You can use your own browser with them as well. I have earthlink on my laptop, but don't use the software. I set up my dialup connection on my own, and configured outlook express to retrieve my mail. I miss out on the extra software (ex: popup blocker) but the service is great.

I, just like Chris, use Linux with the Mozilla browser and mail program. My internet problems I experience do not happen thru earthlink, but through Time Warner itself. They handle the cable lines here and I have a break in my line and they are slow to fix it. DH fixed it for them LOL. Now he has a happy wife .

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I use Earthlink dial up since DSL of any type is not available yet in my area and get dropped less than once every 3 months compared to AOHELL which dumped me a lot in the past and needed 55 attempts to get online once at 3 AM.
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We use Road Runner. Very fast and our phones can be used
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I switched from earth-link to about a year ago.
Tech support is better , faster and dial up speed is faster. Pulse I know part of my user fee isn't being used to support gun control.

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