Need picture space.


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Need picture space.

I want to post an automotive picture and ask someone to identify the part. But there is no place HERE (diy) to store the picture so I can refer to it by URL in my post.

I hereby petition DIY to give us some space.


Now I want everyone else to chime in and agree with me. I want to see 200 posts on this thread,,, all demanding space.

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I don't think there is enough space here for pictures to be stored. I can't imagine between the auto parts, appliance parts and gardening pics that we'd have any room left to store the posts themselves.

My recommendation is to score some free webspace online. You can do a google search using the keywords: free website

Another recommendation is to get a friend to store the pics you need on their website.

Its a great idea to be able to store pics here, just hate to see DIY end up having to charge for its usage to keep up the extra storage room needed for pics and other attachments.

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got my webspace from they are pretty good IMHO. they have a good program for setting up your webpage, (so that even the average joe can do some nice webdesign)and 15 MB of space seems to be enough room for my use. all they want is to advertise on your page. one caveat: you cant post pics to this forum directly from your site. you will need to post a link to your pics or they will shut you down for a little while for violating their TOS. (been there, done that)!! a really good deal tho...
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Try describing the part, length, width, thickness, shape, color, material, wires, tubing connections, etc. Someone will figure it out.

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It works, it's not spyware, & it's free. Put up to 22 Pics in each album & just post the URL to your Pics, or keep it in your SIG & refer to the Pic #s as the parts you are talking about.
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Marturo, great link!
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Marturo, I just joined at Webshots but when I link to a pic I up loaded I get a message that I don't have permission to access the server. How do you link to pics at Webshots? I did get my desktop wallpaper highjacked out of the deal though. Everytime I boot now I get one of their pics for wallpaper.....Mike
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Smile Web Shots

Hey Mike

Webshots has many faces & you need to choose how you want Walpapper to be deployed. I believe I turned off the auto feature & new WP each day or every hour. You want to chose as many manual setting as you can.

I have 2 Icons to work with one for the sign in and find a new pic for my background & the other is for my Albums I signed in and told it to remember Name & password.

I have also been using their free version of Incredimail. It's Outlook express with dozens of backgrounds, moving gifs & music. Just remember to un check the preview pane as you would in Outlook Express.

You can read the instructions or just change things around to suite you like I do, LOL .

I'll go check on how I posted my Picture albums.

I found it, just copy and paste:
This is the, hhtp:// your sign in name. Paste this into your post.

Just play around with it Mike, it's nice to find something cool that's not Spyware.

PS: New rules as of 10/08/03 Owner of DIY says:
Photos and Graphics Posting of photos and graphics from other websites/publications is strictly prohibited unless you have permission from the owner of the work. Posters who violate this policy will be banned.

Until I fully understand what this implies I would caution you to ask a Super MOD for more info before posting pictures. I also read that there will not be a Picture galery for members as you may have seen on other sites.


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If every one that replied would have recited my mantra, we would have achieved 4.5 percent of my goal of 200 posts. Heck, thats almost 10 percent, and if I loweredd the goal to 100, it would almost be 20 percent. Yes, believe it, 20 percent, just think of it!
But somehow, this thread didn't take the path that was intended.
It's not too late, we can still do it. All we want is 100Gig of space. Heck, thats under a $100 worth.

Let's rally our strength and reunite!
We want space.
We want space.
We want space.

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