was that?? could it be??? nah, i must be seeing things!!!


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Talking was that?? could it be??? nah, i must be seeing things!!!

that couldn't have been THE GwyniChaela posting in the parenting forum could it??? just wondering. (whats up Chelle!! )
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Sure enough. It was her! She has once again blessed us with her presence. I am hoping that since her life is calming down, and taking wonderful shape that she will be able to visit us more often!

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All of us would like to know if Chelle is returning.....
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Were it not possible that I haven't forgotten the people here???

Of course!

I am here - always....just finding my life. Trying to keep it all together. You know - the normal stuff, just add three kids and moving three times in a matter of three months....etc.etc.etc. I am not going to whine, cause it's all by mine own choosing!!

Miss you all. You can't imagine the changes I've gone thru, in work and personal!

Am trying to get back here a little more often, now that I have a computer in front of my face all day long, maybe I can be a little more friendly!

Take care, and thanks for not forgetting me!

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