Off to the ER again


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Thumbs down Off to the ER again

I just got back from the emergency room. Nothing like getting a call at midnight from your daughter (yes, the same one that got hit in the face awhile back), from an emergency room in Memphis. Thank goodness she's fine but she wasn't suppose to be in Memphis. She wasn't suppose to be in the car she was in either.

It seems that she was riding in a car behind her friend and they were speeding down the street. Bad part of town, too. Her best friend's car stopped at the stop sign, but the driver of the car Elizabeth was in didn't know there was a stop sign so he didn't slow down. When he realized he was going to hit them, he swerved and ended up inside the living room of an abandoned house.

She's not hurt, except traumatized by the event. Thank goodness she remembered to wear her seatbelt, even if she forgot that she wasn't suppose to ride with anyone under the age of 21 and/or someone I didn't okay.

Times like these make me think of two things. One I remember making that kind of phone call to my parents, and two, that I don't like being a parent right now.

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She's not hurt
She's not hurt
She's not hurt
Feel better already.
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That was my mantra all the way to the hospital. Mike, my hubby, was really upset though. I told him to calm down. She will tell us what happened. She will tell 3 or 4 different versions and then the truth will come out. What she told me on the phone wasn't the same as what she told me in the car on the way home. The more she talked about it, the more the truth came out and she started crying. The true version hit home with her and she became scared and grateful that she was alive.

She made a couple of errors in judgement. Small ones in a teens eyes. Big ones in mine. Now they are big ones in her own eyes - by her own discovery.

It was hard to not yell and scream at her out of my own fear of what could have been. We'll see if she hurting today when she gets up. The doctor said that she might feel the wreck today and to watch for any pains that might need attention.

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Hope all is well Kay!!

I don't know which it is harder on...the teen growing up or on us parents

From all of us here Kay, wishing you and your family the best!!

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grey hair, er, I mean kids!

Kay: Remember this: It could've been worse! Now she knows what can happen and how fast it can! Bet she'll remember!

Hang in there! Our thoughts are with you!
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There but for the grace of God...

I guess I should be thankful that the biggest thing now is for the girls to keep quiet on the school bus. I'm so frightened about the prospect of them getting older and having to learn their own lessons. i know telling them "not to", and "ive been there", doesnt work very well because it wasnt long ago i was on the other side of that advice. when i finally realized how smart my dad was...

any way, im glad to hear she is ok. i hope all else is well w/ you and yours!!!!

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Very glad to hear she is OK! Thank God!

She's learning the same way most of us did...consequences are what makes us learn from our mistakes. Sometimes consequence is a very strict teacher. I remember disobeying my parents on several occasions, and didn't realize exactly WHY their rules were like they were. Sometimes I learned the hard way, other times I lucked out, but I understand why now. Back then I thought I knew it all, and was invincible. I am thankful my parents were so patient and persistent. glad she wasn't hurt!
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Is raising her like trying to nail jello to a tree? Saw this tidbit in another post and since I do not have kids, I wondered if it was true.
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At times, yes it is exactly like trying to nail Jello to a tree.

The hard-headed young lady still doesn't get the fact that she is grounded from riding with anyone other than me, her dad, her step-dad or my mom. She is constantly asking me if she can ride somewhere with other kids. She also keeps asking if she can spend the night at Hannah's. She was suppose to be at Hannah's spending the night when they ended up in Memphis at the ER.

She tried to pull one on me this past week. She figured since she couldn't go out and meet her friends, that they could congregate here. Nope. I ran them all off. Two nights in a row. I'm sorry, I just think it isn't right for two girls (Hannah was here) to have 15 guys and them sitting out front of my house. I wish that she would worry about her reputation one iota as much as I do.

I am not Mrs. Cleaver or the ideal mom when it comes to this stuff. I'm the mean mom that will break up the group, and if it takes a second go round I come weilding a bat and neighbor's husbands. My neighbors think I'm crazy, but they are right there with me if I call for 'backup' LOL.


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