Cleaning up


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Cleaning up

In preparation for insulating the crawlspace under my 1939 house, I cleaned out said crawlspace. Besides numerous cans of paint, empty cans, old bottles, crocks, pieces of pipe, and pieces of cardboard, I also removed 7 cinder blocks, 3-2x10x8', 15 feet of 1-1/4" metal pipe, 10' of ancient metal duct work, 3 old light bulbs, 3 boxes of broken bricks, metal scraps, pieces of wood, and two old oil furnance ignition units, and some sort of old thermocouple. The crowning touch was the old water heater.

I imagine that at some time these were valuable to the prior residents.

At last it is clean, and I am sore from working in the cramped quarters.
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Any interesting old bottles? My grandmother (who passed away at the first of the year) had a house that was over 100 years old. Back then there really was no "crawlspace" per se - just an open-air space under the house (technically I guess it is a crawlspace, since you can't walk ) When my dad was growing-up in that house with his 3 brothers and a sister, that's where all of their empty coke bottles ended-up.

About 10 years ago he cleaned it out - now he's decided to start collecting coke bottles. He has a pretty nice collection these days - just a guess, I'd say he has well over 2000 bottles (total guess, I have no clue.) A lot of them are old bottles, but many are just new bottles that are collectors (like the Olympic bottles.)

A few of them are worth a few hundred each

You never know....
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For future reference...

I doubt very much that any of those things ever held any value to ex-homeowners... As a lifetime crawlspace master, I can tell you that it is NO fun to drag an old heater out unless you have to... Or ductwork or any other old debris... If a customer specifically mentions it before I start the job, then I will throw it in as part of the deal... If the crawlspace is unusually low, or the distance to the exit is very far, then the stuff stays where it falls unless the customer has asked me to do it as part of the job... It generally doesn't hurt anything to leave that stuff under the house (as long as it is not wood), so I pull it out behind me if it is easy or a condition of the job only...
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Cleaning up

I have a friend who has unearthed a treasure of old medicinal as well as Coke bottles from a turn of the century home. He has proudly displayed them on his mantle.

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