remodeling jobs


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remodeling jobs

just wanted to know , what kind of remodeling jobs are you trying to tackle now?
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Just one LOL. I seem to start another one before I finish the first!

Currently I'm trying to remove the mastic from the bedroom floor. Its been a major job. Lots of scraping, etc.

The project consists of taking the master bedroom, which at one time was the living room (addition), and removing the added closet (blocked the air vent in the room?), removing the old flooring down to the concrete and then repainting the room, replacing the old windows with energy efficient ones, and putting new flooring down.

I didn't plan to remove the flooring until I took the closet out. That's when I discovered that under the vinyl that the subflooring had gotten wet at some point and there was mold on it. As usual, a project here grows and grows LOL.


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